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About BookWritten And Founder Pradeep Kumar

Hi, my name is Pradeep Kumar, and this is our blog “BookWritten” – a part of the Slashsquare network. I’m the CEO and Founder of Slashsquare. I have been blogging for a while, but even before that, I was deeply connected with books, not just academic ones. My brother recommended me a lot of books during my childhood, and I started reading regularly. We used to walk for kilometers to the library and pick our favorite ones. It was like an addiction those days, just like how our fingers automatically go to the “Stories” section when we open Facebook or Instagram. I first came across “Scholastic” publishing company when I started reading books during my school days; somehow, that brand name was visible everywhere. Then I got introduced to “Goosebumps” (children’s horror fiction novels) by my ever-favorite R. L. Stine. I used to browse for hours and read as much as Goosebumps books as possible. At that moment, I fell in love with books. Then I slowly started to read Sidney Sheldon, Jeffrey Archer, Dan Brown, etc. I fell in love with all their works. I have to thank all of them for creating such a wonderful childhood for me. 

Even before Blogging, Books entered my life and rejuvenated me. BookWritten is the result of that. Our love for blogging and books. BookWritten is a platform where you can learn more about books, literature, poetry, and much more. We believe in connecting people through the art of reading. The name “BookWritten” is something I brainstormed for months. In my childhood, I didn’t know any good books; I just knew good authors. Whenever I used to seek new books, I’ll be like, “Which is the latest book written by Dan Brown?” or like, “Is this book written by Sidney Sheldon?” The moment I started brainstorming a name for our book blog, out of all the names we finalized, we decided to go ahead with “BookWritten.” Under this name, we want to create an informative blog, a beautiful community, and a helpful app. With all your blessings, we are putting all our efforts into this.Β Last but not least, our content writers are the backbone of this blog. Just like how our members are the backbone of our community. You can always contact us if you have any queries about our work and/or our blog.

With love,
Pradeep Kumar.