Nothing Can Beat The Combination Of Books And Music!

Last updated on July 15, 2020
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    I strongly believe that there is always something that goes well with the other thing. So what comes to your mind when you think of coffee or tea? Sides right? And just as bread goes the best with butter or jam, books have its own companion too, and that is music.

    Nothing Can Beat The Combination Of Books And Music

    Music can literally blend with books completely and formulate a magical impact on the reader’s sanity. While so many people complain about the loss of concentration while reading books, I come up with a single solution for them, and that is slow music. It creates an environment so peaceful that makes you read for hours without the slightest frown. Now that for sure differs from reader to reader. While some readers prefer music with their books, some would be satisfied just without that. Some people believe that you can not concentrate or read fast in the presence of music. Well, I would say even that for sure varies from music to music. You can not expect to concentrate on reading if you are listening to rock music or music so loud that you literary forget the comprehension. But believe it or not, a sweet melody running in the background and your favorite book on your hands, that feeling of relaxation can never be expressed by mere words.

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    And if you are a book lover and along with that a music lover too, what is better than combining both of them as one, isn’t it? We already know that good music has a healing effect on our mind, and good books can make all our stress just vanish. So ain’t this obvious that the combination of the two will develop a magical atmosphere. It is also true that hearing of music while reading books does not only work for your peace of mind but also boosts up concentration and increases the urge to read. It is also scientifically proven that slow and melodious music in the background during your reading hours can lead to a better understanding and make you think more clearly by broadening your senses.

    While I myself am concerned, I have always loved putting my earphones on with some slow and melodious music while reading novels. I have been doing this since my very childhood, even when studying for my academics and the results every time are pretty impressive. And if I am ever given a choice over either all the luxuries or the combination of books and music for a lifetime, I would without a second thought hop for books and music. A tune that has always been my favorite while reading is the flute version of Laal Ishq by Nomi Raj, which was originally sung by Arijit Singh. I prefer flute tunes over any other music because the flute tunes in itself are so soothing that I do not think that there can be any better alternative than the flute music while reading.

    Reading Books And Listening To Music

    You can even find so many apps with music that claims to boost up your memory or concentration while reading. If you try surfing the web, you will surely come across various applications designed with music that has a calming effect just to help you out while reading or even studying for your academics. All these are for a reason, and that is music can truly bring you additional concentration in reading. So what has been your most loved music of all time? Try combining it with your favorite book some time and see how you fall in love with this method of reading.

    Last updated on July 15, 2020
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