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Last updated on May 20, 2021
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  • Do you have a tight budget? Or maybe, like me, you are too thrifty to spend on hardcover books. Bookworms like us know how tantalizing the smell of physical books is, but with e-books, it becomes much easier to read any book any time by just searching its name. Also, features like:

    • Highlighting our favorite quotesย 
    • Bookmarking our favorite page ( with no worries of ruining the book!)ย 
    • Searching for word meaning while reading

    It adds a pretty cherry on top.

    Best Websites To Read FREE Books Online!

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    If you have always wanted to have a big library inside your home, but could not afford it yet, donโ€™t worry, you can always have a digital library inside your phone or PC and can get access to it whenever you want to. There are many renowned bricks-and-mortar libraries that are turning themselves digital to make books accessible to everyone from anywhere in the world, a variety of genres starting from contemporary fiction to classic novels, are just a search away.ย 

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    In this era of e-books, we all want to read free books without breaking the copyright rules or without downloading books from an illegal site, which may cause us trouble in the long run.ย 

    Here are the top 10 websites for you to download and read books online for free without breaking any legal terms.

    1.ย Feedbooksย 


    Feedbooks lets you read books online, and it is easy to use both on a mobile phone and a laptop or a PC. It is a digital library and cloud publishing service available for original books as well as for the public domain. You can also download or read books in various formats like pdf, EPUB, and Kindle, according to your convenience. Feedbooks is divided into two categories of free books โ€“ In one category, you will get free e-books in the public domain, and the other category consists of a large number of self-published free e-books. This helps you find your favorite genre easily.ย 

    2.ย Project Gutenbergย 

    Project Gutenberg

    Project Gutenberg is one of the oldest digital libraries, consisting of over 60,000 free e-books. Project Gutenberg has the best volunteers who organize, categorize, and proof-read the e-books to give the best reading experience to the audience. It has reading friendly formats like EPUB, Kindle, or simple PDF format. In Project Gutenberg, you can also listen to several audiobooks, which are read out either by the computer or by the volunteers themselves.ย 

    3.ย Open Libraryย 

    Open Library

    Internet Archive, which is a non-profit organization, started this project named Open Library, which aimed to bring all the books under one domain and help bibliophiles give a free reading experience. One of the best things about Open Library is that it allows the users to create their own list of different books, which is visible and accessible to other users. So, readers get an opportunity to explore different reading suggestions. You can either read free e-books online or download them; also, it has a link attached to every book, which will navigate you to the page where you can buy the booksโ€™ hard copies.ย 

    4.ย ManyBooksย 


    ManyBooks has around 50,000 free online books in the store, which is absolute heaven for us bibliophiles because we can devour each and every book as long as we want. ManyBooks has numerous collections of books that you can read in EPUB, PDF, TXT, MOBI format, whatever suits you better. In ManyBooks, you will not have to waste your time thinking about what you should read next because there are sections of recommendations and featured authors that will help you pick your next read without any further delay.ย 

    5.ย Free-eBooks

    Free EBooks

    If you love to read books anywhere and anytime, then Free e-books is a perfect fit for you, or so says its tagline. You can dive into the different genres of books, from fiction to non-fiction to academic texts, and can create your own list of books. Free e-books have curated a whole another section showing the lists of best e-books of a certain time and best books of all time. There is a limitation on the download of books per month that only allows you to download five books in a pdf format, but you can read online any time you want. It has an audiobook facility as well in case you feel too exhausted to read; you can listen to your favorite book easily.ย 

    6.ย Bookyards


    If you love to try out different books from different niches, Bookyards is the best option for you. It has a rich collection of books on multifarious topics ranging from art to biography, history to fiction, computers to sci-fi. In Bookyards, you can easily download your shortlisted books even without any prior registration and can also upload books there according to the categories or authors. If you are searching for academic research papers and books in Bookyards, you will get a link from where you will get access to many reference materials and documents.ย 

    7.ย Kobo


    Kobo has both the paid subscription and free e-book reading facility on its website. All you have to do is visit the Kobo free e-books page. A long list of books on various genres will appear; you can enjoy and leverage as many books as you want from that list. No matter whether you are a fiction lover or a non-fiction lover, you will get books from every category to satiate your craving for books.

    8.ย Bookboonย 


    Founded in Denmark, Bookboon publishes e-books online, and no matter whether you are searching for educational books or business books, Bookboon has arranged it all for you on its website. It particularly focuses on posting books for the students of IT and business, engineering, and other business books required for practical knowledge. It already has 75 million+ downloads over all these years since its invention in 1988.

    9.ย HathiTrust Digital Libraryย 

    HathiTrust Digital Library

    HathiTrust is in collaboration with over 100 research and academic institutions from all over the world. It has in store over 10 million reference titles from research libraries whose contents have been digitized by Internet Archives, Google Book, and other local digital libraries. All you have to do is search your book in the search tab and embark on an online reading journey as long as you want.ย 

    10.ย ReadCentralย 


    This is for you if you are a die-hard fan of poems and classical novels. Here you will get to read thousands of your favorite novels and poetry book by some of the widely-read and eminent authors and poets like Jane Austen, Mark Twain, Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, etc. You donโ€™t need to subscribe or download your books; you can simply read them online from your phone or PC without any additional hassle.

    Now that you have gotten the list of all the websites where you can devour your favorite books with all your heart, make sure you engross yourself in voracious reading and spend your me-time with your favorite book at your fingertips. Leverage the websites and download your favorite books as soon as possible.ย 

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    Last updated on May 20, 2021

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