Why I Unconditionally Love Paper Books Over eBooks?

Last updated on May 28, 2023
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  • Books. What do you feel first when you read this word?

    Happy? Excited? Curious? Boring?

    Well, it can be any emotion, right?

    But when we talk about visual memory, whether you read them or not, the first thought will always be in a picture format, i.e., we tend to visualize words in their basic forms when we read or hear them. Like, paper books, isn’t it?

    To start with, I have been an avid reader for quite some time. It started back in 2012. I wasn’t a fan of reading and honestly, felt really hard even to read articles. But as the journey continued, things eventually changed and turned me into a bibliophile.

    Top 10 reasons why paperback wins against technology and twice on weekends.

    The Power Of Paperbooks Over E Books

    I began reading books of different genres. Initially, I was skeptical about purchasing so I used to issue or borrow them. But once I did, everything changed. This feeling was extremely liberating, and there was no turning back. I won’t lie acquiring books has given me another level of confidence. During this time, I tried everything from reading paperbacks to e-books on the phone, laptop, and other reading mediums. I must tell you there is a worldly difference in the way the two sources worked for me.

    To be honest, e-books are great to some extent. They are readily available, compressed in a file, easy to carry anywhere. But no matter what the perks are, I always felt detached from them. For an article or a blog, reading online is interesting, easy, and absolute fun. But personally, it is not as fun in the case when the length of the story increases, mainly in the case of books. This is where paperback steals the show. And I’ll tell you how paper books are invaluable for that matter.

    1. Originality – They say, original can never be replaced. It can only be substituted. Well, we all know who that is.

    2. Tangible – You can feel a paper book, god damn it!

    3. Turning of pages – Like a baker loves the crispness of his bread, a bibliophile loves the texture and crisp turning of the pages. Can e-books ever offer you that?

    4. Bookmarks – Be it paper clips, bookmarks or corner turns, nothing can beat these old-fashioned ways of saving the last read page.

    5. Eye and brain soothers – No constant scrolling or focus on the light. Keeps you at peace.

    6. No breaking – Though books can tear or unbind, still can be bought at any time. Cheap and break free, unlike e-book gadgets.

    7. Gift of the magi – Great option for gifting. Books are emotions.

    8. Quest for Library – Once bought, definitely, they demand room for space. Nonetheless, it feels awesome to watch your small library grow gradually.

    9. A great detox – Therapeutic, steer clear of gadgets.

    10.  Focus – One thing about paperbacks is, they never lose your interest. There is always a greater certainty of completing them really early, which is not the same in the case of an e-book reader. If not the interest, it can easily tempt you to start other books side by side.

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    How about now? Still, not that convinced?

    Let’s make it more interesting. We’ll do a quick visual activity of the story I am going to narrate. Picture yourself being the main character of it.

    “On a sunny day, relaxing in my room near the window, absorbing the warm light, I’m ready to read my next favorite. Pleased with my growing library, I take a look at it, before beginning.

    Oh, what ecstasy of life.

    The very next moment I take the new book in my hands. I feel serene. The touch of its smooth cover, the colours, and the smell are mesmerizing. My excitement is rising every second. As I am turning the pages one by one, I am drowned in the beauty of the story while feeling the raw and crisp texture of the pages.

    Like a river, my eyes and mind are flowing through the words without a tinge of stress. No exposure to harmful light, no headache of scrolling repeatedly creating more pressure for the eyes (to maintain focus). Just flawless reading.

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    Engulfed in the serenity, suddenly I realize, I am feeling thirsty. It’s time for a hydration break. I put the little bookmark on the page I am currently reading. Sometimes, I fold the page from the corner too. Ah, how this reminds me of old, simpler times.

    I gently keep the book and leave. While drinking water, thoughts racing around the book, out of the blue, I remember one of my close friends birthday is approaching soon. She/he also love reading books. How lucky I feel at that very moment. The best gift I can give is another addition to the library. Books certainly have an emotional connect.

    Watching my thoughts, I come back to the room to continue ahead. I pick the paper book. Oh no, suddenly, it slips out of my hand. My heartbeat skips. Next moment, its on the ground. Phew, I see no damage. Had it been an e-book reader, my world would have gone upside down.

    This reminded me of the times when one of my books got torn, and the other one got lost. I was a little disappointed at the time but then how else would I get to enjoy the visit to the bookstore and buy it again. No greater damage per se.

    Feeling grateful, I fetch the book and continue reading from the page I’d left. After a focused session, I get up, determined. I know I am going to finish this beauty soon.

    With a fresh and calm mind, I thank myself for successfully staying away from gadgets for some period of the day and move on to do the rest of the chores.”

    Why I Unconditionally Love Paper Books Over EBooks

    I am not saying, paperbacks have all the advantages over e-books. What I personally feel is, technology is good and necessary for upgradation, but at times, it can’t replace the original sentiments attached to certain things. Holding a book, turning of pages, the print, the smell, these are the little yet important things that make paper books so special and dear.

    And therefore, I can never give up or relate to these emotions for an e-book. Last but not least, if you still think e-books are better, then remember this anonymous quote.

    “A real book’s battery never dies.”

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    Last updated on May 28, 2023

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