Kindle Unlimited Review: Unlimited Digital eBooks To Read!

Last updated on March 21, 2023
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  • Unlimited reading, Unlimited fun: The budget-friendly reading experience with Kindle Unlimited. Bookworms and their fascination for libraries are very well known. As a child, it was my dream to have a vast library that even if I read a book a day, I would never be able to complete reading all the books. As I reached adulthood, I set about making the dream a reality. I had a massive library at home, boasting almost 500 books. I was living my dream and loving it. You can get Kindle Unlimited here! 📚 And read Unlimited Books for free (30-Days Free Trial)!

    Kindle Unlimited Review

    Kindle E Book Reader

    Unfortunately, I had to leave the home that housed the library and move to another city, into an apartment so small that I could not fit one big bookshelf, let alone have a grand library. With a heavy heart, I had to let go of my treasures and leave with only a few books to my new home. But all was not lost, for I had recently discovered the joys of eBooks and audiobooks, admittedly a bit late. Now, I have a vast library, not just the physical library of my childhood dreams but a digital one, thanks to Kindle.

    This library fits into the palm of my hand and can be carried everywhere I go. Amazon Kindle Unlimited is one of the apps added to my digital library collection. It has also helped me to retain my status as a certified bookworm, despite the lack of physical books. Moreover, it helps me keep a healthy bank balance, as it is a very pocket-friendly option and fits into the pocket! Kindle Unlimited is a must-have for people looking to have a large library but needs more space and funds. Read on to find out more about it and the services it offers. 

    Pocket-Friendly Library

    Amazon Kindle Unlimited Review

    Kindle Unlimited subscription offers an excellent deal for a minimal budget. If you are still deciding whether to subscribe to this service, you can use the free 30-day trial. If you like using Kindle Unlimited, once the trial period ends, you can start a paid subscription at $9.99 per month. This is a good trade-off, as you get access to many free eBooks and great discounts on the eBooks available on Amazon. You can use the Kindle app on any device – mobile phone, Kindle reader, tablet, laptop, desktop, or even via just your browser – and read books. It is easy to use and can be used on multiple devices simultaneously. You can access the Kindle Unlimited subscription via your existing Amazon account or create a new one.

    Unlimited Reading Options

    The Kindle Unlimited Home page is designed in such a way as to make it easy to find your next read. Since your Kindle Unlimited is connected to your Amazon account, there are many options you can choose from based on your previous book-buying preferences. The Kindle Home offers a list of book recommendations with titles such as Based on your reading, Amazon Original Books, Kindle Unlimited Recommendations, Continue series you’ve started, Recommended for you, Discover your next read, Similar to Your Last Read Book, Books you may like, and New releases in Kindle Store. You can also select Explore More Books and the list of genres like Kindle Unlimited, Romance, Mystery and Thriller, Literature and Fiction, Sci-fi and Fantasy, Biographies, History, Business, Religion and Spirituality, Health, Teen and Young Adults. You can get Kindle Unlimited here! 📚

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    Kindle Store

    The Kindle Store, true to its name, has Unlimited options. You can explore all the titles available under Kindle Unlimited. The Kindle Unlimited tag placed above an ebook means that that title is free for members. Numerous eBooks are available under Kindle Unlimited; apart from the subscription fee, you do not have to spend any money to access them. Similar to the Kindle Unlimited, there are numerous titles under the tag Amazon Originals. These are titles that are available only on Amazon Kindle Unlimited.

    They are primarily short stories written by famous authors and are free for Prime and Kindle Unlimited members. You can manage your subscription using the Kindle Store by selecting the My subscription option. You can edit payment settings, cancel your subscription, check out and return the books you borrowed, and find out your billing status. If you like to get good book deals, you can go to the Deals option in the store and find all the latest and limited-time deals available for the titles you are interested in.

    Kindle also has 50000+ ebook titles in five Indian languages – Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Gujarati, and Malayalam. There are also numerous eTextbooks available, making it an accessible and pocket-friendly experience for students. There are eTextbooks available for different courses such as Science and Mathematics, Engineering, Business and Finance, Social Sciences, Medicine and Health Sciences, Humanities, Computer Science, Teaching and Education, Law, Communication, and Journalism.

    Join Audible Now 🎧 & Listen To Unlimited Audiobooks For FREE! (30-Day Free Trial)

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    Users can use the Kindle Store to Give the gift of reading to friends, family, and loved ones using the Gift an eBook option. You can specifically browse for children’s books using the Children’s eBooks option. Categories like Shop by Age, Mythology Stories, Popular Stories, Grow your knowledge, and Indian Folktales. Editor’s picks, Hand-picked eBooks to read to Children, Popular Series, and Popular Authors help to make the book selection process more manageable.

    Prepping for exams need not be a complex task, for the Kindle Store has neatly divided lists of eTextbooks that you can Shop By Exam from the Kindle Exam Central. Titles are available for exams like UPSC, Banking, Government Exams, Software Certifications, Engineering, Management, Medical, Law, International Exams, Defence, State Level Administration, and Finance. People who are on a budget can shop from categories like eBooks. If you would like a varied list to choose from, there are an array of genres available at the end of the Kindle Store for you to peruse.


    All the eBooks you bought, borrowed, or downloaded samples of will be available in your library. You can filter the books according to the View, like Grid, List, or Collections. You can add the titles to a collection by long pressing on the book and selecting the plus symbol, then Create a new collection or add it to an existing one. If you like to keep your eBooks neatly in a collection, this will work for you. In the filter option, you can see how many books you have read, how many are unread, and the number of books and samples. By long-pressing a title, you can return it, view it in-store, remove the download or share your progress on the social media of your choice. You can also press the share button and recommend the book to your friends, family, and loved ones. You can get Kindle Unlimited here! 📚

    Reading Experience

    Kindle Unlimited offers a diverse and fun reading experience with its various available options. When reading an eBook, tapping the center portion opens option bars on the top and bottom of the page. If you want to annotate interesting passages, all you have to do is select the passages in question which get highlighted. There are also different colors available with which you can highlight and differentiate, akin to using differently colored sticker tabs for physical books.

    You can also add notes for the highlighted words or sentences and access them by clicking on the Page icon. If you encounter a word, you are unfamiliar with; you can simply long press it and select Search and find out the meaning using the in-built dictionary or the web. You can also translate the word into different languages by selecting Translate. If the existing page layout, font, size, and theme are not appealing, you can change it by choosing the Aa icon.

    You can find the words and sentences you seek using the Search button. Selecting the Bookmark option will bookmark the page you are currently reading, and you can access these bookmarks by selecting the page icon. Select the Chapter icon on the left-hand side to find out how many chapters there are in the book. At the bottom of the page, you can view the time left to complete the book or the percentage you have achieved till now. You can also skip page numbers and go back to the previous location.

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    Clicking on the Grid icon in the bottom left corner shows the total number of pages in the book. Selecting the three dots on the top right-hand corner of the page opens up more options. You can find out more information About This Book and directly update your Goodreads profile. You can sync reading across all devices with the Kindle app installed, including the Kindle reader. Select a particular page or location to go to. The X-ray options allow you to see notable clips, people, terms, and images from the book. If you are studying or preparing for exams, you can use the Flashcards option to help you out. You can get Kindle Unlimited here! 📚

    The Word Runner option will help you see how many words you can read per minute. Select the option and the number of words per minute and click the play button. The words will play individually, helping you read faster, be hands-free, and avoid scrolling. You can also check out the Popular Highlights of that particular book that have been added by people who have read it previously. You can Recommend This Book to others, Share your Progress, check out other books mentioned in it, and review it after you have finished reading it to help the next readers of the book.

    Reading and More

    In the More option, you can go to Reading Insights to track your reading. You can view how many titles you have read and set a reading goal. Find out your daily and weekly streaks and try to maintain them. Make a note of how many days you read per month. For additional changes to make the Kindle experience more suitable, go to Settings and change it according to your convenience. Use the Manage Additional Fonts option to add or remove fonts. Add additional fonts or remove them accordingly.

    Send To Kindle Feature

    Select Amazon Device Simple Setup to use your Kindle app to set up other Amazon devices via Bluetooth. Get your Send to Kindle Email Address, and set up sync for all devices using the Kindle app. Enable Book Updates to get automatic updates and more. Get additional help from the Help and Feedback option to improve your reading experience. Use the Amazon Forum and get help from the Amazon community or one of the reps and provide feedback to help improve the products for current and future users.

    Kindle Direct Publishing

    For budding authors, this is a system that is helpful and cost-effective. You can self-publish for free using Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). Register to the Kindle Direct Publishing portal using your Amazon credentials. You can upload your book directly, add a price, and then hit the publish button. You can publish your book within minutes across different languages and earn up to 70% royalties. You will completely control your digital rights and can change your book anytime. You can reach millions of readers across the world using Kindle Direct Publishing and become a bonafide author.

    Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing KDP Self Publishing

    I have been a Kindle Reader user for almost three years and an on-and-off member of Kindle Unlimited. This has helped me cut back on book-buying expenses by a lot while also managing to retain my interest in books and having a library, albeit a digital version. I recommend giving Kindle Unlimited a chance to get a great reading experience at less than half the price. Unlimited reading at a limited expense; who can say no to that?! You can get Kindle Unlimited here! 📚

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)❓

    Do you get Audible with Kindle Unlimited?

    Both Kindle Unlimited and Audible belong to the Amazon company, but they are very different. Kindle Unlimited is for digital ebooks, and Audible is for audiobooks. Audible, as a service, is not directly included in Kindle Unlimited, but we do have plenty of books with narration.

    Is Kindle Unlimited free to Prime members?

    No. If you are an Amazon Prime subscriber, you get plenty of benefits like Prime Video, Prime Reading, Prime Music, Amazon Free Delivery, etc. But Kindle Unlimited is not a part of this package. This is a different service altogether, where you can sign up and get unlimited ebooks to read for free.

    Kindle Unlimited
    Kindle Unlimited Review Unlimited Digital eBooks To Read

    Kindle Unlimited is a must-have for people looking to have a large library but needs more space and funds. It is a very pocket-friendly option and fits into the pocket!

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    Last updated on March 21, 2023

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