Pyjamas Are Forgiving By Twinkle Khanna Author Novel Review Rating Summary

Pyjamas Are Forgiving, But This Book Is Unforgettable!

If you have followed Twinkle Khanna‘s columns or interviews, then you would know how unafraid she is in speaking her mind. Even through Pyjamas are Forgiving, she comes across as someone who is unabashedly herself. The title itself is enough to ring a bell. The … Read more

The Promise By Nikita Singh Author Novel Book Review Rating Summary

The Promise – 50 Shades Lighter Than Grey!

The Promise by Nikita Singh used to be my favorite novel as a teenager. And I somehow wish I had not tainted that guileless experience by reading again. I now have mixed feelings about this one. Singh mentions in the foreword that the novel’s green … Read more

Shah Rukh Can By Mushtaq Sheikh Author Novel Book Review Rating Summary

Shah Rukh CAN Charm Lovers And Haters Alike!

As someone who has grown up watching Shah Rukh Khan movies, dancing to his songs, and giving instant brownie points to anyone named Aman… reading his biography without being biased was nearly impossible. But therein lay the real challenge for the reader in me. This … Read more