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Last updated on October 10, 2023
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  • Book Depository was founded in 2004 by Stuart Felton and a former Amazon employee, Andrew Crawford. The company’s mantra was to make “All Books Available to All” by providing a vast catalog that would be accessible and affordable for readers. They also made free shipping available to more than 160 countries.

    Book Depository’s philosophy of selling “less of more” gave them a competitive edge in the industry. Unlike other retailers focusing more on bestselling titles, Book Depository covered an extensive catalog, including books from various genres. In 2011, however, Amazon acquired its UK rival and welcomed Book Depository to the Amazon family. 

    Why did the Book Depository close?

    After disrupting the market with its extensive catalog and free shipping without any minimum order value condition for nearly two decades, Book Depository closed on April 26, 2023. The Covid-19 pandemic caused immense supply-chain difficulties for businesses. This, in turn, led to delays in printing and distribution failure.

    However, the primary reason for the shutdown of Book Depository is the parent company, Amazon, which is heavily bringing in exercise cost reduction across their Devices and Books Businesses. This has led to thousands of roles becoming redundant and, therefore, mass layoffs. Amazon’s decision to close down Book Depository has left readers mourning. You have landed on the right page if you are one of them. Here are the best Book Depository alternatives that will make you smile again!

    Best Book Depository Alternatives!

    Best Book Depository Alternatives

    1. Wordery


    Wordery is an excellent alternative to Book Depository because of its vast catalog of over 10 million books. They also provide free delivery to more than a hundred countries. Wordery was founded by five friends who were all in the book trade for more than forty years! They loved books and were passionate about doing something in this field, and that’s how Wordery was founded. Wordery is one of the fastest-growing online bookshops, and you must look at the website.

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    2. PangoBooks


    PangoBooks is a unique alternative to Book Depository. It’s a social marketplace where readers can buy and sell books. They can also connect on the app. The app’s interface is very user-friendly. You will find a vast collection of titles with maximum affordability. When you order a book on PangoBooks, each comes directly from a reader’s bookshelf. The picture you see on the app is the exact condition of the book you will receive. PangoBooks also offers complete customer support, so there is no chance of customer disappointment. 

    3. Waterstones


    Tim Waterstone, a British bookseller and businessman, founded his bookselling retail chain Waterstone in 1982. The United Kingdom-based chain is the largest in Europe, employing over three thousand booksellers across two hundred and eighty bookshops. The Waterstones website is a superb initiative by the company to bring the essence of the bookshops to people’s homes via smartphones.

    You will find an extensive collection of titles, including the bestsellers, best paperbacks, most significant books of the year, fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, and more. Besides books, Waterstones also offers stationery and bookish gifting items such as The World of Jane Austen Jigsaw puzzle box. It’s truly a one-stop destination for book lovers. 

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    4. Better World Books

    Better World Books

    Better World Books is an online bookseller platform founded in 2002 by two University of Notre Dame, Indiana students. They have served over eighty-five million customers and raised over thirty-four million dollars worth of funds for libraries and literacy. You will find the most outstanding selection of used and new books at affordable prices.

    Their mission is to better the world, one book at a time, which is beautifully summarized by their name, BetterWorldBooks. I love the categories they offer on their website; for example, their Back to School Guide page has everything a student will require. They have listed the Required Readings, Test Prep books, High School Reads, Middle School Reads, College Reads, Homeschooling, Science Fair, etc. If I had to describe BetterWorldBooks in one word, it’s wholesome. 

    5. World of Books

    World Of Books Wob

    World of Books is the United Kingdom’s largest second-hand book retailer. In 2002, a group of entrepreneurs found a bag of books in a can at a charity shop. They rescued the books from going to landfill, and that’s how the seed of Wob was sown. You will find the collection unreal.

    They have bestselling fiction & non-fiction books, fantasy, modern fiction, romance, thriller & suspense, adventure, classic fiction, new books, rare books, children’s books, and more. I love that they mention the book’s condition right on top of the price as ‘very good’ and ‘like new.’ These books are also very affordable. So, if you are still mourning Book Depository’s demise, check out World of Books to cheer yourself up. 

    6. AwesomeBooks


    Another great alternative to the Book Depository is the online bookselling website AwesomeBooks, which offers an extensive collection of books. I found their Bestselling fiction catalog brimming with great titles. There are both used and new books available on the website, and along with the price, they mention whether the book is used or new, which makes it easy to skim through the collection. I also loved their category of BookTok favorites. The Back to School section covers different age groups and offers a stunning collection. Besides books, they also offer other accessories and utilities for kids. Overall, AwesomeBooks is a terrific alternative for those grieving Book Depository.  

    7. Kennys

    Kennys will be your best friend if you enjoy unique and rare books. Especially if you are a collector of books looking for various editions, you will have a great time browsing their website. Their category of Penguin Clothbound Classics offers an array of magnificent books. They also have a section for new books signed by the author.

    If you are a fan of TikTok book recommendations, then you will love the bestsellers from the Booktok category. Besides these unique categories, offers genres such as business & finance, biography, children’s & young adult, comics, graphic novels, crime, etc. I particularly loved the Gift Voucher page, which helps you gift your friends and family the gift of reading. 

    8. Fishpond

    Fishpond has been serving customers globally for as long as 19 years. They have a team of a hundred and ten people based in the US, UK, NZ, and AU. Their website offers a pool of more than 25 million products, and books are one such category. You need to click on the Categories menu to look for Books. More than 8 million books are in their catalog, and their excellent worldwide shipping makes a must-stop for readers. You can also use the filters provided on the website to refine your search results. You can choose specific genres, delivery, format, price, and discount. 

    9. Thrift Books

    Thrift Books

    Started from a pick-up truck selling books, today Thrift Books is famously loved by several readers. Thrift Books is a one-stop destination for book lovers. You will find several categories: books, collectible books, movies & TV, music, video games, and gifts. Their catalog contains genres such as biographies, children’s, literature & fiction, mystery & suspense, religion & spirituality, history, and more. You will also love Thrift Books’s blog page, which contains valuable book-related content. 

    10. Blackwell’s


    In 1979, Blackwell’s first bookshop was founded on Broad Street. Since then, they have grown in leaps and bounds. They have thirty bookshops and employ over five hundred staff members nationwide. With their website, Blackwell’s is now reaching readers globally. Their collection includes bestsellers, trending titles, rare books, and signed books. You will also find a gift and games section on their website. If you are a fan of Dungeons & Dragons, well, now you know where to find the game online. In a nutshell, Blackwell’s is a fun stop for book lovers. 

    11. Book Outlet

    Book Outlet

    Do you also put yourself under book-buying bans to save money? If yes, you can release yourself from the shackles of such bans because Book Outlet is an online bookstore selling books with heavy discounts. You will find crazy deals on the website. Their collection is wholesome and offers a wide variety of genres. They have separate menus for Young Adults and Kids, offering several options. You will also find fun toys and activities like Brain Teasers and Jigsaw puzzles. Their gift category contains box sets, bookmarks, book cards, and journals. You will get everything a reader wants. 

    12. The Book Grocer

    The Book Grocer

    I am a massive fan of book boxes. And if you are like me, you will love The Book Grocer. Their Bargain Book Boxes are a delight for any book lover. They have a crime & thriller bargain book box, business clearance bargain book box, historical fiction book box, etc. Their Advent book boxes have a unique concept of unwrapping one book daily between December 1 and December 24. And, of course, if you don’t want the boxes, you can order standalone books individually. You can also sell your books on the platform. 

    There is no way we can ever wholly mourn the loss of Book Depository. It came at a time when readers needed more options and book deals with great accessibility and affordability. But fortunately, today, we have so many great alternatives. Let us know which ones you checked out from this list. 

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    Last updated on October 10, 2023

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