Best Books With Best Shocking Plot Twists Ever! 🀯 😱

Last updated on June 2, 2023
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  • The best stories are the ones where you cannot predict the ending. Everyone loves the feeling of β€œA-ha! I didn’t see that coming!” If you are a sucker for such stories, here is a list of books with some great plot twists that will make you feel completely puzzled.

    Best Books With Best Plot Twists!

    Best Books To Read With Best Great Shocking Plot Twists Story Ending Climax Ever

    1. Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes

    Hidden Bodies By Caroline Kepnes

    If you love page-turners that will blow your mind with their plot twists, then Hidden Bodies by Carolyn Kepnes is a must-read for you. Hidden Bodies is a sequel to her 2014 novel β€˜You’. Caroline Kepnes is the queen of plot twists. In her second novel, Hidden Bodies, there are a total of five plot twists to be found in this book. While I loved the characters and the concept of this book, I most enjoyed the plot twist! The drama follows a writer named Joe Goldberg, who stalks and kills women. And like its predecessor, You, the adaptation is living up to its hype.

    Joe Goldberg’s witty and snarky attitude lures us in immediately. You want to like him even though you know not to trust him. I found myself determined to unravel the mystery of Joe Goldberg as he skillfully moved his way through a labyrinth of lies. It leaves you thinking about how much of a role the reader plays in a story. The book starts like any other fiction novel with a love story that will engulf your attention and entertain banter between characters. And then there’s a scene that just redefines everything about the book! Some of the plot twists are so intense you will see them not coming at all. You can get the book here! πŸ“–

    2. The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins

    The Girl On The Train By Paula Hawkins

    The Girl on the Train is the perfect read for anyone who loves the mystery genre. It is a unique spin on this cliche story of murder, yet it keeps you captivated throughout the entire book. With its page-turning style and descriptive setting, it will pull you in until you’re finished reading it. This psychological thriller tells the tale of Rachel, an alcoholic who rides by the houses that used to be hers and her ex-husband’s.

    There, she sees a happy couple living in what was once her home and becomes obsessed with their life. This obsession escalates when she begins to suspect something is going on between them. The writing and narration by Paula Hawkin are so beautifully carried out that it shows the whole story from the perspective of an unreliable narrator. It’s page-turning, suspenseful, and will keep you guessing until the last page. You can get the book here! πŸ“–

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    3. Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane

    Shutter Island By Dennis Lehane

    Shutter Island is one of the best books I’ve ever read, and I’m sure you’ll love it too. It takes place in 1954 and is a crime story that will have you up all night wondering what will happen next. This book will grab your attention in the first sentence of Shutter Island. He does not let you go even after you’ve read the last word until you’ve become so engrossed with the plot twist that it will leave you wondering if this is just a mere work of fiction or an amalgamation of reality and fiction. Dennis Lehane writes books that will scare you, thrill you, and make you want to keep reading.

    If you like mysteries, Shutter Island is a story about a couple of U.S. Marshals who are investigating the disappearance of a patient at a hospital for the criminally insane off the coast of Boston. The hospital is located on an island off the coast of Massachusetts, and it’s surrounded by the ocean, hence the name. Its inhabitants are patients, or inmates, or both; it’s hard to tell, and that is how the thrill builds up. In Shutter Island, Lehane combines suspense with warped characters because everyone is hiding something or the other, which is creepy in this secret shutter island. You can get the book here! πŸ“–

    4. In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware

    In A Dark Dark Wood By Ruth Ware

    In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware is a perfect read if you love plot twists. It’s one of those books that you become obsessed with and can’t stop thinking about days even after finishing it. The story will have you on pins and needles until the very end when you finally find out what happened in that house in the woods (the super creepy house where everything seems a little wrong). There is a lot of hype around Ruth Ware and her psychological thrillers.

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    In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware, the story starts with the thrill of what if your past came back to haunt you on the weekend that you were getting married? The book opens with Nora getting a call from her old friend Clare who she hasn’t seen in ten years. Clare invites Nora to her secluded country house, and obviously, Nora accepts the offer. This was my favorite part of the book because I was waiting for something to happen. In a Dark, Dark Wood. Just when we believe the mystery is about to be revealed in the book, the plot twists more. You can get the book here! πŸ“–

    5. Before I Go to Sleep by S. J. Watson

    Before I Go To Sleep By S. J. Watson

    S. J. Watson’s novel Before I Go to Sleep is a masterful psychological thriller about an amnesiac who must discover the truth behind her husband’s identity – before she forgets again. This book narrates the story of a woman that is forty-year-old Christine Lucas, who wakes up every day believing that it is her birthday, even though it is more than ten years later. Her husband tells her that she has no short-term memory and suffers from dissociative amnesia because of trauma. He says that she was involved in an accident almost three decades ago, ever since they moved to London.

    The novel explores all the relationships, the deceit and uncertainty that plague her past, and any attempt to find out what has happened to her. This is a psychological thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. From there, things get interesting as Christine begins to realize she has been suffering from severe memory loss. Her husband is trying to fix the problem by talking to her each morning while he reminds her of the details of yesterday. But how do you know he’s telling you the right thing and not lying? And does it matter when what he is saying just isn’t lining up with your recollections? It’s a story of obsession, love, and doubt all wrapped up in one neat little package. You can get the book here! πŸ“–

    A well-written plot twist provides a burst of excitement when reading your favorite book. Plot twists leave our minds bewildered and make us rethink the whole story differently. And these books exactly did that to me. So, if you are looking for some crazy reads to keep yourself hooked, make sure to pick up something from this list.

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    Last updated on June 2, 2023

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