The Therapeutic Health Benefits Of Coloring Books! 🌈

Last updated on October 17, 2022
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  • Gone are the days when coloring was an activity that only the kids enjoyed. In the last few years, adult coloring books have become the new trend, and rightfully so. These books are not only a fun thing to indulge in your free time but are also a great way of relieving stress and practicing mindfulness. Many grown-ups obsessed with coloring books will tell you that the process is no less than meditation. Mandalas are the most common designs you will find in these books, but there are a lot of floral patterns, comic characters, landscapes, etc., that you can choose from.Β 

    Health Benefits Of Coloring Books

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    Thanks to the hike in coloring book sales, there are many apps too that you can find to fulfill your coloring cravings. However, nothing beats the joy of flipping through the pages and picking up your markers, crayons, and paints before you settle down with the picture of your choice. The entire process is addictive and rejuvenating and has an unmatched beauty of its own. Scientific studies confirm that coloring in repetitive patterns such as that in mandalas can induce a meditative state in your mind. Here are some of the most therapeutic benefits that you can derive from coloring books:

    1. De-stressing After A Tiring Day

    The effects our high screen time and endless deadlines have on us can be really scary. While we all dream of relaxing weekend getaways or soothing spa sessions- we all know how those can burn a hole in our pockets. In this day and age, where many of us are stuck in the corporate circus, it is essential to take some time off to de-stress. Colouring is one of the easiest and most effective stress-relieving activities you can do daily. Not only that, it barely costs anything and does wonders for your mind and soul. One hour of coloring can unwind and de-stress you better than any fancy outing or activity.

    2. A Trip Down The Memory Lane

    How can we forget the good old days of coloring in our cute little books? We have all grown up giving new shades to lions and flowers and Noddy and whatnot into our coloring books. A decade or more later, we feel the same excitement on seeing a box of crayons, don’t we? Colouring books are a great way of staying connected with your inner child and pleasing them from time to time. A happy trip to nostalgia doesn’t hurt anybody, right? And it goes without saying how it pumps you up with more positivity and hope for the future.Β 

    3. Using Your Brain To The Fullest

    You will be surprised to know that coloring actually activates all parts of your cerebral hemisphere. So, it’s healthy food for your brain too. Coloring activities make you utilize logic as well as creativity. So, that activates the analytical side of your brain in no time. Also, the creative part of your brain gets into work mode when you start playing with colors. Be it mixing and matching or just simply choosing which color will suit which part of your picture- it makes your creative juices flow. This is like a brain workout making both parts of your cerebral cortex work. This part of your brain controls vision and helps your motor skills and coordination. So, coloring books are indeed a boon for your brain and overall physical health.

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    4. Keeping Anxiety At Bay

    Such are the positive effects of coloring books that even therapists recommend to their patients. As it relaxes their minds, they get better at responding to other forms of therapies. Researchers opine that coloring books can serve adults as the first step of conventional or regular treatment for various mental issues. So, when I tell you that it is a beautiful thing to add to your daily routine, I am not kidding. It’s no faff, but all science and logic here. Once you start coloring, you will realize how you are breathing slowly and better, and your mind is not overthinking. This is because all your energy and concentration are channelized to make the picture in front of you colorful and pretty.Β 

    Colouring Picture And Pencils, Closeup

    5. A Unique Way Of Meditation

    The primary reason why most people meditate is to bring a restless mind at ease and shut the noises in their heads. This is precisely what the coloring book does and probably even more. These blessings in disguise often help induce a meditative state, and if you struggle with the conventional form of meditation, this might turn out to be the best for you. Many people shy away from meditation only because it makes them overthink everything – contrary to the actual purpose of motivation. As a result, they feel worse than before. If you substitute the usual sitting down in a silent part with coloring a book in peace, your mind will feel relaxed and refreshed within minutes. Also, just like your traditional way of meditation, coloring will make you more focused and cherish the present moment.

    6. Dealing With Ailments

    While researching coloring books online, my mind was blown when I read Cari Schofield’s story. She is a 38 years old woman from Georgia who had to deal with a few limitations because of her epilepsy. Once she discovered coloring books and started using them diligently, they calmed her immensely. This kept her relaxed for an extended period and reduced her epileptic attacks. She continues to use them and reap their benefits to the fullest. Previously, her hands jerked while moving, which made it difficult to hold a pencil or a pen. Thanks to coloring, she can now hold them and enjoy the soul-enriching activity regularly.

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    7. Becoming More Thoughtful

    When you are indulged in coloring, you get a lot of time with yourself quietly. This is the best time for your mind to go to all the calm and happy places. As you are relaxed, you are more likely to get positive thoughts and ideas. It will open your mind to contemplation and introspection, which you wouldn’t find the time and peace to do otherwise. It may also help you put things in perspective or make peace with those issues that have been bothering you for a long time. Colouring can lead you to doors you have kept locked in your head, too scared and anxious to see what lies inside. It is not just what you do outside but also how it impacts you inside – this is what matters.

    8. Honing Your Skills

    Spending long hours typing away your work for the day can sedate your creative side of yours. In this hustle culture where your worth is judged by the number of hours you β€œwork”, it is essential not to lose touch with your hobbies. However, most of us let the β€œgood stuff” go for a toss while we become a part of the corporate rat race. No wonder why adults find solace in something as simple as coloring. It is not just the calm and peace that it offers but also how it reawakens the artist in us. Who knows, you may discover that you are good at art and start doing it as a source of income on the side. If things go exceptionally well, you can even let go of your 9 to 5 job and switch to being a full-time artist. I know it sounds too far-fetched, but coloring books are a slow yet steady path toward turning your long-forgotten passion into a source of income. Since it relaxes your mind, you won’t feel very clogged and clouded in your head. This will allow you to consider your life choices, aspirations, and what you want to do without inducing anxiety. You may also explore other creative arenas such as poetry, extempore, pottery, and much more. The practice is a gentle push towards self-discovery, realizations, and retrospection.

    9. Battling With Depression

    There is a reason why art therapy is a thing, and professionals highly recommend it. Colouring books can have miraculous benefits for people dealing with depression. Although it is not a substitute for medication, coloring can help you deal with negative thoughts better, as it is like a soothing pill for the mind. Many people suffering from mental disorders have reported that coloring before sleep helps curb insomnia, induce sound sleep, and minimize nightmares. While many people would recommend reading before bed, it may leave your mind restless, contemplating, and hyperactive. It all depends on what you are reading. Colouring, on the other hand, is a fool-proof recipe for sleeping well and quickly. If you don’t believe me, try it yourself and thank me later.

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    10. Hand-Mind Coordination

    As I said earlier, coloring proved to be a blessing in disguise for Cari Schofield, whose epileptic attacks reduced drastically once she got into coloring books. When you sit down with your box of paints or crayons and the book, you bring your mind and hand in coordination. This helps people who deal with shaky hands and also aids in bettering their physical movements and control. The mind gets more in sync with your hands. If your limbs get stiff often, coloring will also help you to stretch and relax your hand muscles, easing the stiffness. Make sure to maintain a proper posture while indulging in the activity so it doesn’t mess with your back.Β 

    To put it all in a nutshell, a coloring book is actually a workout session for your mind, body, and soul- all in one- packed in just a few pages. Introverts have a unique and undying love for these books as it gives them a soothing hobby without facing the much-dreaded crowds. There are also really cool online communities where they regularly discuss and share their coloring pages. You can easily find them on Reddit and Instagram. Those are great platforms to build bonds with people with similar interests and keep you motivated to inculcate it in your daily routine. If you haven’t tried a coloring book yet, this is your sign to get one for yourself and see how it changes your life in seconds – and I am not even exaggerating here. Trust me; it is THAT good! You can get the coloring books here! πŸ“š

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    Last updated on October 17, 2022

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