“Here, There and Everywhere” – Short Stories You Need To Read!

Last updated on May 5, 2021
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  • Β β€œI am here, there, everywhere. I live among so many different people so I must adjust myself – isn’t this an everyday story for us?” 

    In a world where we are trying to do our best and multitask, perhaps this book is the best escape to bring us closer to the reality and yet get lost in the simplicity of life and contemplate it all.Β 

    Here, There and Everywhere: Best-Loved Stories of Sudha Murty (Review)

    While I am reading a book Adultery by Paulo Coelho these days, I am reminded of the short stories written by Sudha Murty that I finished a few days ago and their simple yet amazing relation to our real life.Β 

    Here There And Everywhere Best Loved Stories Of Sudha Murty Author Novel Review Rating Book

    A book with 22 short stories, is written with simplicity, which is evident not only in the authors’ thoughts and ways but also with the use of words and expression of ideas. It is a celebration of Sudha Murty literary journey and is her 200th title across genres and languages. How beautifully she has expressed her own stairs of life which all of us can relate to.Β 

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    The plot of the book happens to be a storehouse of homely happenings recorded in a simple everyday text that one can relate to. Each story contains a message. Each happening is a personal experience of the Author. Written in very simple language, the stories will fill you with positivity. There are ways in life in which different people react, respond to circumstances, happenings and situations and no one can be compared. Everybody, that we meet has a different connotation towards the stories whether β€˜A tale of many tales’, or Amma, what is your duty?

    When Murty approaches the devadasis of Karnataka to offer help and talk to them about AIDS awareness, they turn hostile and throw chappals and tomatoes at her. In the story titled β€œThree Thousand Stitches,” she shares her journey of working with the devadasis β€” how it started, the resistance she had to battle, the stumbling blocks and the final victory.

    One of my personal favourites is β€œThe Meaning of Philanthropy” as it clearly embarks that intentions, how one feels and what one feels is most famous for any act of kindness, charity, love or philanthropy! One might be alone or jobless, one might be rich or poor, big or small but if the person has intentions of giving love, a warm hug, a simple smile then well yes there is a way that he or she might have made a difference. Murty, in her rather organic and conversational writing style, has put before the readers how the idea of giving back to the society is looked at by different people. This thought this intention needs a lot of time, and it exists here, there – everywhere!Β 

    In summer just as you relish Alphonso mango, I am sure you need a read that you can relish. It has to be a gratifying experience for everyone. Go on, pick this book up and experience life in its simplest forms! You can get the book here! πŸ“–

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    Here, There and Everywhere: Best-Loved Stories of Sudha Murthy
    Here There and Everywhere Best Loved Stories of Sudha Murty Author Novel Review Rating Book

     "I am here, there, everywhere. I live among so many different people so I must adjust myself – isn't this an everyday story for us?" 

    URL: https://bookwritten.com/here-there-and-everywhere-best-loved-stories-of-sudha-murty-review/946/

    Author: Sudha Murty

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    Last updated on May 5, 2021

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