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Last updated on May 29, 2023
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  • As an avid reader, I didn’t find it appealing when the internet took over the world. I didn’t want to adapt to it; I didn’t want to enjoy it; I didn’t want to see what the big deal was. All I could see was how people stopped talking to each other; How books didn’t have to be hunted down at fairs or libraries for the sole satisfaction of having found them… You get the idea! It felt pretty mundane that one is able to Ctrl C and Ctrl V everything.

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    Yet, somewhere as I grew up, I started seeing the internet for what it actually is – Infinite Possibilities!

    There is nothing you cannot do with the help of the internet. Do you want to write? You have it! Do you want to read a book? You have it! You want to talk about the book you read – well, let’s have the world hear your voice, shall we? Like most things on the world wide web, podcasting is relatively easy. But how to begin a podcast for books? How to put your passion for books into words? Here’s an introductory package to help you start.

    Enter the Promised Land

    Read. That’s a fun way to kick things off for your podcast, isn’t it? Be clear about the book you want to present in your podcast and read it thoroughly. Once you’re done, read it again. And again, and again. Read it many times so you would be absolutely clear on what to speak about because no matter how many times you read, you are not reading the same story you read the first time. 

    The Pen is Mightier than the Sword

    Then comes the traditional technique. Pick up a pen and paper and start writing.

    I’m serious… Do it! 

    A podcast does not happen spontaneously. It may be a casual monologue, review, or even an interview. But no matter what you choose to do on your podcast, you need to be crystal clear with your content. So, pick up a pen and paper, or open your docs on the screen (whatever works) and start writing the things you’d like to speak about on your podcast. 

    • If you have a joke you want to tell, write it down.
    • If you want to start with a song, write it down.
    • If you want to be dramatic or do voices or ask your listeners a question – Write. It. Down!

    Writing doesn’t just help you clear the clutter in your mind; it operates as a backup when you have a brilliant idea, and you forget it the next minute.

    Check those checkboxes

    When you’ve done writing, add small checkboxes next to that list and start developing the idea. How do you develop? Simple – you start your research.

    Go to the library, the web, start talking, asking questions to anyone and everyone. Begin with the easy ones like ‘What would you like to listen in a podcast?’ or ‘How many minutes/ hours would you keep aside for a podcast?’. Receive the data from all the resources and reach your conclusion. 

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    As much as you want to make it ‘your’ podcast, remember that once you start sharing it with people, it’s not ‘just yours’ anymore. 

    Mic Testing

    For a beginner, you really don’t require the fancy equipment professionals use. A silent spot, your phone’s recorder, a good pair of headphones or earphones, and some magic with a sound editing app – arm yourself with this equipment, and you’re ready to start.

    If you’re looking for good software to edit your sounds, then Audacity is the best and free one out there. You’ll get used to it once you start editing here. With the help of these above tips, as a beginner, you should be able to record a kickass podcast. But remember, a book-related podcast is not an audiobook. You cannot simply read out the pages of a book and call it a podcast. You need to do your homework and voice out your passion for it. 

    Do not make the podcast too long. Keep it short and sweet. And once you have a decent number of subscribers, you can start experimenting with your ideas like starting a book club through the podcast or discussing theories, conducting contests, and a lot more. 

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    Let us know in your comment below how your podcast is coming along. Happy Podcasting!

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    Last updated on May 29, 2023

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