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Before Blogging entered my life, I had another companion with me all the time; they are these portable magic gardens called “Books.”

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I was obsessed with books; size was not an issue for me while reading books. Initially, I used to get scared of big books, but over a while, I started to love them more. I read a lot and a lot. Personally, I had so many reasons to read books, maybe for learning something new, perhaps to live in a fantasy world, and most of the time, to forget reality.

From renting books from the library to buying books from the bookstore or online, I always felt excited; all those words inside those books intrigued me. Deep down, I was more than happy because even back in those days, it was more like a flight ticket for me to travel someplace new. I’m incredibly grateful for that. I started BookWritten (under Slashsquare) because I never wanted to separate from this world no matter how busy I’m in my personal or professional life.

I’m grateful to our BookWritten community online for constant support and recommendations. Now that we have a blog, we’ll continue to update it with valuable information and suggestions. Shared some more information on our About page as well.

BookWritten is a part of the Slashsquare network founded and managed by Pradeep Kumar. You can always contact us for learning or sharing anything related to our work.

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