Why Are Books Considered To Be Our Best Friends? ♥️ 📚

Last updated on June 2, 2023
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  • It’s funny when I read this caption over and over again. It makes me wonder about so many things at the same time. Firstly, is it vital to have friends and also a best friend? Secondly, why on earth would someone choose a nonliving object for a friend? I will answer the first question here, and the later part of this blog will answer the second question. 

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    Humans are social beings, and we strive for company. That is why Adam had Eve and vice versa. Humans have a fundamental need to be wanted, to be appreciated, and to be listened to. These want to make them feel valued, and this is precisely where a friend comes along. A friend is a person with whom you share mutual affection. The bond has been studied from different perspectives for ages now. It is known to benefit both parties, too, scientifically. How and whom you choose as a friend can influence your life decisions significantly.

    This is why it said, “A man is known by the company he keeps.” 

     One might wonder why a person would need a non-living thing in a world full of people for the company. But one is oblivious to finding people that they vibe with eventually, aren’t they? That’s true; we humans manage to make friends along our journey called life. Some of us find many like-minded people, while the rest have a few particular sets of humans they are comfortable with. 

    I would be honest, and I haven’t been the best of friends to my best friends. This happened because of multiple personal obligations. I haven’t attended my best friend’s wedding because I didn’t want to ask for leaves from my sulky boss a month before my appraisal. Fortunately for me, my friends understood my plight. However, she will never forget my absence on the biggest day of her life. And I owe it to her to feel guilty. But you being a third person, will understand that I wasn’t at fault. I don’t think it’s wrong to prioritize having a successful career before starting a family. 

    We all have many such instances in life where we put ourselves before our friends. And it’s evident for them too to prioritize themselves before us at times. It’s only human, isn’t it? I do not deny that there aren’t friends who value their bonds more than everything else in the world. But again, that’s just an outlier! Does that make us any less of a good friend? My definition of being a true friend might differ from your definition of the same. I value friends who are available and ready to listen even when we haven’t been in constant touch. I have also met people who have an idea about their friend’s lunch. 

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    So first, let’s come down to a common ground, shall we? 

    What Is The Ideal Definition Of A Good Friend?

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    An ideal friend is someone honest about everything. Some facts are hard to face, but a perfect friend should be able to tell things as they are without being harsh or sugarcoating them. The person should be open to healthy criticism and should not worry about showing their vulnerable self. The person should be truthful while also remembering to be kind and respectful towards you. 

    A good friend should be wise and knowledgeable, someone who inspires me to do better things in life. A good friend should also be a good critic and should be non-judgemental and patient with me. I should be able to find comfort in a good friend in times of distress. I want to be able to have them by my side a all times and at all places. However, I have understood that a good friend, when human, has their priorities and might not be able to do it all for me. It’s normal for us, as humans, to think of things for our convenience.

    It may, at times, come at the cost of bothering the other person. It’s not possible to always have aligned priorities. Sometimes, a friend might have different needs, which might not always align with our wants. But what makes friendships unique is when both parties put in the effort to come down and meet at the middle ground. The action shows that both parties care enough to compromise to be together. 

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    This Point In Life Is Where I Found My One True Friend, Books!

    I have always been that loner new kid on the block. My parents were working their backsides off. We traveled a lot and had to change places frequently. The few friends that I made were usually left behind. I eventually found true companionship when I was with books. 

    Books introduced me to a whole new world that was absolutely out of my reach at that age. I learned about things that no one around me knew about. There was a small library at my house. My father, an academician’s son, was more than happy to add more books to his library. So we had books on day-to-day science, on countries and cultures, and storybooks. 

    The good thing about books was that I could carry them to all the places I went to. I loved how they gave me company during hot bus rides, my father’s office, and family trips. Books taught me about all aspects of my life. I loved how they made me knowledgeable in front of people. I liked always to be able to strike up conversations with people. 

    Looking back now, I realize that books have been my steady companion since I was 10. I have had them with me during good days and bad. At times, I forget about them for months. Life happened, and as usual, I had different priorities. But I always went back to my books after a gap. And it’s lovely how I can start from where I had left without having to go back to square one. I have always loved and will continue to love a book’s flexibility. 

    To Summarise It All Again, Here Is Why A Book Is My Best Friend In The Whole Wide World:

    1. My books never judged me for the mistakes I made. They took me as a friend like I was one of their own. They have given me the space to acknowledge my mistakes and rectify them. 
    2. Books were always loyal and honest to me. It gave me the courage to be honest in my day-to-day activities.
    3. Books have entertained me throughout my life. They have cheered me up during rough days, on lonely nights, and even during boring classes. I have always had a book by my side, just in case! It’s lovely how versatile they are, depending on my mood. 
    4. A good book still helps me sleep better every night. Reading a happy book and seeing a happy world gives me hope when I have given up on things. 
    5. Most importantly, books have equipped me for the world around me. They make me feel confident to face people and situations. They give me the knowledge to be able to share it with people around me. That actually helps me attract more friends and well-wishers in return. 

    However, like humans, books have varieties too. Some good, some bad, some ugly; you attract your tribe! The choice of text depends on the kind of person you are. So how your friend is dependent a lot on your selection. 

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    Last updated on June 2, 2023

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