Would Studying Be More Fun With Audiobooks? 🎧 + πŸ“š

Last updated on May 30, 2023
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  • When I was in school, a peculiar scene happened over and over again. I didn’t give it much thought, nor did I notice anything out of the blue then, but looking back, I think I might know why it happened.

    So, without further ado, here’s what happened…

    Studying and Audiobooks

    Would Studying Education Be More Fun With Audiobooks

    Anytime and every time I heard a teacher talk in class, I dozed off. I would hide my yawns and start daydreaming. Of course, that’s nothing new. Students do that all the time. But the funny thing was, I would understand the subjects in the textbook but not when my teacher was reciting it; maybe because I’ve always been a reader and preferred reading.

    But surprisingly, my friends who never read the textbooks would know everything about the subject. When I asked, the answer I always got was, β€˜We heard the teacher say something about it.’ The 13/14-year-old me never understood it but now that I look back, I understand that every person has a different technique for observing things. And perhaps for students listening may be the best way to learn not just their subjects but also new things which brings me to the question of the hour, β€˜Would studying be more fun with audiobooks?’

    Studying Education Audiobooks Listening

    I understand that people observe and understand differently, but when looked at the facts, today, not many students are readers. What is a five-page answer; students don’t mind viewing it as a five-minute video or even listening to it if and when explained creatively. We’re in 2021, where people don’t really have time to look up from their phones. And when the elderly and the most matured behave this way, then advising children to put down their phones seems a bit hypocritical, doesn’t it? Not to mention how the pandemic put online teaching on the pedestal.

    Now since we’re already utilizing the online space for learning, let’s take this chance to expand our horizon and get creative with it. Instead of asking the students to read paragraphs and passages, why not work on presenting them with audiobooks where their syllabus will be explained in a fun way? Not the regular ones where novels are read in a monotone but creative storytelling. Storytelling is an effective technique. Be it live or through audio, it is something that students like to listen to. Or perhaps use real-life analogies! Fiction sure is fun, but real life is something everyone can relate to easily. So imagine learning the mechanics of physics with examples of real-life objects. Of course, not everyone has a Screw Gauge or a Vernier Caliper readily available at their house; so why not paint a picture in your child’s head of a Vernier Caliper.

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    Last updated on May 30, 2023

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