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Last updated on May 31, 2023
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  • When it comes to Instagram, you have to make hashtags your buddy. That’s how you make the Instagram algorithm get along with your content. You can create the best content out there, but if you aren’t optimizing your content, no matter how much effort you put into creating it, it won’t show in your numbers. Now, there are many theories about using hashtags on Instagram. Some believe they work, and some don’t. I have gotten great results from using hashtags with my posts and also on my Instagram stories.

    To understand this better, it’s essential to see Instagram for what it is nowadays. Instagram started as a social media platform, but slowly it is turning into a search engine and an online marketplace. Therefore, optimizing your content using essential keywords and hashtags enables your content to attain higher reach and engagement. You can try using them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. But always remember, your content is the key, don’t let hashtags override them. Keep them limited and targeted.

    Best Instagram Hashtags For Book Lovers! #

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    Book-related content on Instagram has grown massively in the last few years. Readers can find book recommendations, book reviews, reading tips, etc., on Instagram. So, if you are a content creator, too, you can use these viral book hashtags to gain traction on your posts. You can also follow these hashtags on Instagram and consume unique book-related content for inspiration.

    #Book – You can use up to 30 hashtags below each of your posts. Since hashtags make your content discoverable, you must use as many relevant hashtags. ‘Relevant’ is a key term here. Using unnecessary hashtags that have no relevance to your content may harm your posts. Make sure to use a bunch of generic hashtags that are relevant to your posts. #book is a generic hashtag that has 54.7 million posts under it as I am typing this. The hashtag ‘books’ has 52.2 Million posts. Many users follow these hashtags; hence using these below your posts will help your content get traction.

    #Booklover  This is another excellent hashtag to go along with your book posts. It’s generic and has 22.9 Million posts under its umbrella. The best part of such generic hashtags is using them below all of your book-related posts. If there is a mention of books in your posts, then you can use these hashtags as they are highly relevant for such content.

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    #Bookworm – This is one of my most favorite hashtags on Instagram. I happen to discover unique bookish content with the help of this hashtag. From artistic flat-lay book pictures to funny and relatable bookish memes, you will find everything with this hashtag. With 22.4 Million posts, #bookworm is a great keyword to get traffic to your posts. I highly recommend using this one with your posts.

    #Bookstagrammer  There are 10 Million posts under the bookstagrammer hashtag, which is quite massive. Bookstagram is a term used for a book lover’s Instagram handle that features artistic book pictures. Thus, if you are a bookstagrammer or want other bookstagrammers to discover your posts, then use this hashtag in your posts. You can also add the term bookstagrammer to your Instagram bio. Adding keywords on your niche in your bio optimizes your account for more followers.

    #Booknerd  This is another excellent generic hashtag with 11.4 Million posts. You can use this hashtag below all your book-related posts, as this will fit with everything, whether it’s a review, recommendation, rant, or anything else.

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    #Bookaddict – With a whopping 10.2 Million posts under its umbrella, #bookaddict is a fantastic hashtag to gain traction on your posts. It’s generic and can be used with multiple posts. If you follow this hashtag on Instagram, you will see plenty of posts on bookshelves, book reviews, book recommendations, etc. Thus, it’s a very wholesome hashtag that you can easily use with all your bookish posts.

    #Bookphotography  Bookstagram is all about posting artistic book pictures. Clicking book pictures based on themes and particular aesthetics makes your posts stand out and reflects your photographs’ personality. If you are into such posts, then using this hashtag will be helpful. There are 7 Million posts under this hashtag. People who want to see artistic book pictures will be able to discover your posts via this hashtag. So, don’t miss out on this one.

    #Bookblogger  There are 5 Million posts on Instagram using this hashtag. It’s a must-use hashtag for book bloggers. People who are trying to explore new book bloggers will search for this hashtag. You wouldn’t want to miss out on getting new followers, so make sure to use this hashtag below all your bookish posts.

    #Bookcommunity  The book community on Instagram is massive, and it makes me so happy. The bigger the community, the better it is for fellow community members. There are 3.3 Million posts under the umbrella of this hashtag, making it indispensable. Some other fantastic hashtags to grow your audience are #bookobsessed, #bookclub, #bookgram, #booklovers, #bookporn, #bookish, booklove, booklife, #booksofinstagram, #booknerdigans.

    #Bookquotes  Now, this one is again a fantastic hashtag if you share quotations from a book. #bookquotes is used with snaps of quotes from books. It can also be used if the quotation(s) is/are shared in the post’s caption. Nonetheless, this hashtag is a specific one and should only be used along with content based on quotes. Readers love to read passages on Instagram, and this hashtag makes it easier for them to discover quotes. However, if you are using this hashtag without sharing quotes in your posts, you may receive backlash in the comments. Don’t just use a hashtag because it performs well. If it doesn’t go with your content, then don’t use it. Relevant hashtags will accelerate your account’s growth.

    #Bookshelf  Bookshelf is one of my most favorite hashtags on Instagram. You will find so many fantastic bookshelf pictures for inspiration. From small bedroom bookshelves to big library bookshelves, you will find unlimited ideas to set up your bookshelf. This is not a generic hashtag, so make sure you aren’t adding this to all of your posts. If there is a bookshelf in your post or a mention of a bookshelf in your caption, only then add it to your list of hashtags. There are 6.3 Million posts under this hashtag. Thus, it will bring traffic to your posts as well.

    #Bookrecommendations  Whenever I am looking for a fresh dose of book recommendations, I quickly follow posts under this hashtag on Instagram. So, if you share a post with your book recommendations, feel free to add this hashtag in the caption. With 1.2 Million posts, #bookrecommendations is an excellent source of Instagram traffic.

    #Bookreview  This one has 3.3 Million posts! It’s a great hashtag that goes along with all your book review posts. Book review and Book recommendations hashtags get along really well, so you can use both these hashtags in your posts. They are sort of complimentary. Some other hashtags in the same line are #bookreviewer, #bookrec, #bookreader, #bookofthemonth, #bookoftheyear, #booksofig, etc. You can also write the book’s name, author’s name, book’s genre as hashtags with your posts.

    #Tbr  Tbr is the short form for ‘to-be-read. Readers use this abbreviation a lot; thus, it makes for a great hashtag to bring traction to your posts. Usually, you will find pictures of a stack of books or book mails with a detailed caption about them. There are 1.8 Million posts under this hashtag.

    #Bookstagramindia  The simple math around Instagram hashtags is balance. Hashtags with more than a million posts are extremely competitive. Therefore, it’s important to use less competitive hashtags as well. #bookstagramindia is one such particular hashtag. Readers who try to discover Indian bookstagrammers, use this hashtag. Since this hashtag is not as competitive as listed previously, it will be easier for you to get discovered. Some other less competitive hashtags with less than million posts are #booksandcoffee, #bookhoarder, #bookaremagic, #bookstagramfeatures, #bookpile, #booknerds, #booksofinsta, #bookaesthetics, #booksworthreading.

    Hashtags for Instagram Stories! #

    The Instagram algorithm keeps changing, and the best way to be on top of your game is to keep trying new ways to optimize your content on Instagram. Instagram Stories get way more views than your regular grid posts. Thus, if you want to grow your following, try to post more Instagram Stories with relevant hashtags. For every Instagram story, you can use up to ten hashtags.

    #Nowreading  I have been using this hashtag for my Instagram stories, and I have seen excellent results. You can click a quick snap of the book you are reading and add it to your story along with this hashtag. You will see many new story views within hours of your story upload. Adding Instagram polls to your story will also invite engagement from the new viewers. So, make sure you are using all these complimentary story elements. 

    #Currentread or #Currentlyreading  These hashtags are again pretty similar to the previous one. Try to add 4 to 5 hashtags from the same family and see the magic happen.

    #Currentreadingsituation  This is again a great hashtag for your bookish Instagram Stories. Some other hashtags to escalate your story views are #currentreadselfie, #currentreadandcoffee, #currentreadandtea, #currentreading.

    BookWritten Hashtag Instagram Social Media

    Being an artist on Instagram is all about creating authentic content and marketing it well. Using the right hashtags is an indispensable part of marketing your content on Instagram. Therefore, spending some time on hashtag research will help your content get momentum. You can go to the search bar on Instagram, click on tags, and search for tags related to books and reading. It would help if you also kept an eye on the hashtags that other creators use for their posts and stories.

    Test different hashtags and see which one brings the best results for you. It’s also a great idea to create hashtags around your brand. Use your brand hashtags with each post. You can search your brand hashtag and see all your posts listed under it. You can follow our brand hashtag on Instagram by the name #BookWritten for book-related posts. Add #BookWritten to your posts and stories to get discovered by us. We would love to see your posts. Let us know in the comments which of these hashtags you are using in your posts.

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    Last updated on May 31, 2023

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