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Last updated on October 8, 2023
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  • Mr. Rangarajan, aka Sujatha, was a versatile Tamil novelist with several short stories, novels, poems, dramas, screenplays, science articles, and other non-fiction works to his credit. Writing under the alias of his wife, he was an engineer by profession and a writer by passion. He wrote more than 100 novels and frequently contributed to Tamil publications like Kumudham and Ananda Vikatan.

    Best Sujatha Novels!

    Best Sujatha Books Writer Rangarajan Tamil Novels

    In addition to his literary career, he has also written dialogues and screenplays for many famous Tamil films. His major filmography includes Roja, Uyire, Kandukonden Kandukonden, Boys, Aayutha Ezhuthu, Sivaji, Dasavathaaram, and Enthiran, among others. Here goes a list of his most loved books across various genres. You can check the links below to buy the books online and download them to read.

    1. En Iniya Iyanthira (என் இனிய இயந்திரா)

    En Iniya Iyanthira By Sujatha

    The novel, written in the 1980s, is set in the dystopian future of 2021. People face strict population management measures under Jeeva’s dictatorship. Elders are being killed ruthlessly after reaching a certain age. Everyone is being tracked by a master computer with unique ids and security numbers. People were supposed to obtain permission from the government before giving birth. Nila and Sibi, a couple, have just been granted permission to have a baby boy.

    Here comes the titular and most interesting character Jeeno, a robot dog, along with Ravi, who has been assigned to live at the couple’s home. As the home space is limited to a maximum of three people, Sibi goes to sort out the issue and goes missing. Later when Sibi’s security number becomes void, his entire existence is questioned. Except for Nila, Sibi, and Jeeno, everyone doubts his existence. The three then go on a search and become entangled in a web of political issues.

    Will they be able to locate Sibi? How will Jeeno assist them? How is Jeeva involved in all of this? Science fiction and futuristic world concepts have become the norm of today’s television shows and web series. But imagining such ideas in the 1980s itself is inspiring. The book depicts the harsh reality that people face when authoritarian and methodical governance is imposed on them. Also, given how active the Metro is in today’s Chennai, the underground train concept was excellent. If you enjoy innovative sci-fi themes, this is a must-read. You can get the book here! 📖

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    2. Meendum Jeeno (மீண்டும் ஜீனோ)

    Meendum Jeano By Sujatha

    The previous book ‘En Iniya Eyanthira’ has a sequel, Meendum Jeeno. This book follows Nila’s life after a series of events in the first part render her a mere puppet queen for a coup. The novel’s central conflict is how she overcomes her shackles and finds her husband. Throughout the book, Jeeno goes through various physical and mental transformations as it begins to understand human emotions. It’s lovely how it understands and expresses all human emotions.

    The book also explains many scientific concepts, such as holograms, biometrics, and security features that are currently in use. The story concludes with people breaking free from the bonds of dictatorship and moving forward to a democratic society. The climax of the Rajinikanth-starring film Endhiran is also somewhat reminiscent of Jeeno’s ending. Jeeno’s loyal supporters continue to enjoy the second volume of the book, despite the fact that it garnered mixed reviews. You can get the book here! 📖

    3. Oru Naduppagal Maranam (ஒரு நடுப்பகல் மரணம்)

    Oru Naduppagal Maranam By Sujatha

    “Murder is always a mistake.”

    Uma and Krishnamoorthy, a newlywed couple, spend their honeymoon in Bangalore. When Uma leaves the room around midday, Krishnamoorthy is brutally murdered simultaneously, proving the title’s euphemism. Uma discovers that she knows nothing about him outside of their three days of marriage when the police start their investigation. People from both sides are under investigation, including Uma’s cousin Mani, Divya, whom Krishnamoorthy refused to marry, and her ally.

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    A few days later, all of the evidence, including a hair strand on the deceased body, begins to point toward Rakesh, who was previously infatuated with Uma. He is detained and questioned since he won’t confess to the crime. Who was responsible for the crime? Why did that crime happen at midday? Why was the murder committed? The book enjoyed great success when it was first published and continues to be well-known even today.

    The first chapters, where the police examine Uma and she knows nothing about him, depict the terrible reality of arranged marriages back then. Also, the way her in-laws treat her after her husband’s death, as well as the way the females of the family prevent the males from talking to her and criticizing her fashion choices, leaves a strong impact on us. The book’s high point is the revelation portion and the concluding interrogation scenes. This novel is a must-read, entangled in a web of mystery after mystery! You can get the book here! 📖

    4. Niramatra Vanavil (நிறமற்ற வானவில்) 

    Niramatra Vanavil By Sujatha

    “Life and death are one thread.”

    Krishnamoorthy has a wonderful family, including his beloved wife, Kalyani, and their young daughter Andal. With a decent job and a lovely family, things looked perfect until a horrific accident took Kalyani and Andal from him. Despite making several suicide attempts, he is saved and advised to focus on the good things in life. Manalan, his office manager, also provides support for him.

    Enter Supriya, who appears to have similarly lost somebody but yet has the will to live. A short while later, Krishnamoorthy and Supriya move in together, find calm in their intimacy and decide to get married. Things between Supriya and Krishnamoorthy take an unexpected turn a day before the wedding. Krishnamoorthy tries to kill himself once again. What happens later? Will life finally let him live in peace?

    This is an extremely sorrowful tale that dwells extensively on individual losses and suffering. As it extensively describes the stages of grieving, it also encourages the notion that grief gets easier with time. The book’s climax makes it poetic and reveals life’s true purpose. The novel should have a trigger warning because it’s not for the weak-hearted. This book can be completely ignored by readers who prefer short, simple reads. However, if you want to learn more about grieving and related topics, this book is well worth your time. You can get the book here! 📖

    5. Kolaiyuthir Kaalam (கொலையுதிர் காலம்) 

    Kolaiyuthir Kaalam By Sujatha

    “When a kingdom loses its king, there is always a scramble to grab.”

    Leena, a young girl, is under the guardianship of Kumara Vyasan. According to a will in her family, the property cannot be divided or sold. It may only be inherited by the direct heirs at the age of eighteen. When Ganesh and Vasanth meet him, they learn that Leena had committed murder by turning into a vampire and that Kumara Vyasan had covered the crime. They also get to know about a supernatural spirit. Later when mysterious stuff starts happening around them, they start investigating. 

    Vasanth has a deep belief in supernatural forces, despite Ganesh’s efforts to disprove it and focus on the facts. Ganesh believes Kumara Vyasan is the mastermind behind everything until he, too, becomes a victim. As all scientific assumptions crumble, Leena is suspected, but what happens next? Does the spirit avenge itself by killing? Does it exist, or is it just a myth? Writer Sujatha’s iconic advocate duo, Ganesh and Vasanth, inspired by James Hardley Chase, travel throughout the book.

    The book did a fantastic job of writing about scientific explanations, supernatural forces, and the beliefs surrounding them. The finale was wonderful because it perfectly balances supernaturalism with science. This book is an excellent recommendation if you’re looking for a crime thriller with innovative scientific ideas. Fans of the Ganesh-Vasanth duo should try this book without a doubt. You can get the book here! 📖

    6. Pirivom Santhipom – 1 and 2 (பிரிவோம் சிந்திப்போம் – 1 & 2) 

    Pirivom Santhipom By Sujatha

    “I love you sometimes foolishly and at these moments I do not understand that I could not, would not, and should not be so absorbing a thought for you as you are for me.”

    The book has also been adapted into a Tamil movie titled “Anandha Thandavam” starring Siddharth, Tamannah, and Rukmini. 

    The novel begins in Papanasam, Thirunelvi, and concludes in America. The book introduces Raghupathi, a moon-struck man who falls in love with Madhu, a naive, childish, and indecisive young girl. A little later, they even get engaged, unbeknownst to Raghu’s father. The couple’s romance unexpectedly ends when Madhu’s parents finalize her engagement to Radhakrishnan, aka Rad, who lives in the US, as they believe he will provide a better future for Madhu. Even though Madhu first agrees to elope with Raghu, she changes her mind after her parents manipulate her. While Madhu marries and departs for the US, Raghu attempts to kill himself and falls into a coma.

    Six months later, Raghu and his father have a heart-to-heart talk before Raghu departs for the US to pursue his MBA. There he meets Ratna, the niece of his father’s friend, and they get along instantly. He meets Madhu again and befriends her. The two even go on a trip, as Rad backs out at the last moment. Eventually, Raghu finds that Rad has been cheating on Madhu. On the other hand, Ratna and Raghu fall in love. The rest of the plot revolves around what happens later between the trio. Once you see the movie before reading the book, you can perfectly fit along with the body language of all characters. There will be no Madhu or Ratna, instead Tamannah and Rukmini.

    The innocence of the first love, the naivety of the heroine, and a headstrong second heroine make this book stand out. The novel also walks a delicate line between a romanticized melodrama and a regular love story. The dialogues were carried over into the film as well. The conversation in which Raghu’s father explains that “Love is nature’s way of assuring pregnancy” stands out in particular. Even though the movie received mixed reviews, the novel can be a pleasant read for die-hard Sujatha fans, given it was written in the 1980s when love seemed even simpler. You can get the book here! 📖

    7. Olai Pattasu (ஓலை பட்டாசு) 

    Olai Pattasu By Sujatha

    This book is a witty collection of short stories. The stories are pretty ordinary incidents in life, but Sujatha’s touch towards the end makes it a joyous read. In many situations, we identify with these characters by putting ourselves in their shoes. As Sujatha says, “It is always good to finish the short story just before the ending.” He does this with each story, and it’s fantastic.

    It was particularly intriguing to read “Puthiya neethi kathai,” which highlights the need to state the truth but understand where to say it. The titular story ‘Olai Pattasu’ is also a great read. The book is perfect for you to read if you enjoy short stories, find it challenging to read lengthy novels, or just want something light to read. You can get the book here! 📖

    8. Sujatha Therndhedutha Sirukathaigal Volume 1 (சுஜாதா-தேர்ந்தெடுத்த சிறுகதைகள் பாகம் 1) 

    Therndhedutha Sirukathaigal Volume 1 By Sujatha

    This book has a wide variety of stories that were written between the late 1960s and the early 1980s. Some stories have unexpected conclusions; others are about people who suffered throughout life but ultimately succeeded; other stories are about people who are victimized by society and the system. There are a few sad stories regarding depression.

    Stories are presented concerning crime, the psychological roots of human behavior, and the conflicts between different social classes. The stories are written in a way that allows us to relate to them from their perspective. Even though the stories are quite old, they remain fresh and relevant even today. A few of his stories/novellas have also been translated into English. You can get the book here! 📖

    9. Thalaimai Seyalagam (தலைமை செயலகம்) 

    Thalaimai Seyalagam By Sujatha

    “The book that makes you think on the one that thinks.”

    This is a non-fiction title by Sujatha that has garnered a separate fan base for itself since its inception. Though the title and wrapper resemble a science book that we avoided touching as children, the book is a one-stop destination for all things brainy. The book’s first few pages provide a visual description of the brain’s anatomy, allowing readers to understand more about the brain’s structure while also taking in the intricate details of its cellular makeup. At the end of the book are some Q&As for which Sujata gave several “Thug Life” answers in his very own style. The book also includes a part of puzzles to exercise your brain! Overall, the book is fantastic; it’s brief but enjoyable! It’s a book that can be read more than once! You can get the book here! 📖

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)❓

    Who wrote under the pen name of Sujatha? ✍️

    S. Rangarajan writes under the pen name of Sujatha, his wife’s name. He has written over 100 novels and contributed to several popular Tamil periodicals. He explored and mastered many genres like detective, science-fiction, romance, etc.

    Writer Sujatha and Director Shankar movies? 🎬

    Sujatha (Writer) and Shankar (Director) collaborated on several popular movies for dialogues like Indian (1996), Mudhalvan (1999), Boys (2003), Anniyan (2005), Sivaji (2007), and Enthiran (2010).

    Here are the best Sujatha Tamil novels you should read! How many of these books have you read? What are some of the author’s other works that you enjoy? Do share your comments below!

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