Best “Books” Affiliate/Referral Programs To Make Money! 💰

Are you spending a lot of money to buy and read books? Making use of your passion and knowledge to create content online? Like a Book Blog? Or YouTube (BookTuber)? Then how about we monetize that with the help of book affiliate or referral programs? Yes! It’s possible, and it’s easy. An affiliate or referral link is nothing but a regular link that is modified so that brands know it belongs to you, and whenever someone buys through that link, you will get a commission (money) for that. That’s all. The next time you share a link to buy a book online, on your YouTube video or your Blog post, you can use your affiliate link to earn money. Yes! You can now make money by reading books and making use of your knowledge.

Best Book Affiliate Programs To Earn Money!

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But what’s the catch here?

It’s simple. You have to create quality content first.

Without doing that, nothing is possible here. The brands won’t approve your blog or channel if you don’t have quality content. So the key should always be about providing valuable information to your audience and then later monetizing it. The more people visit your website/channel for quality information, the more money you can earn from affiliates.

In this article, I’ll share the best book affiliate programs, we worked with some of them, and it’s one of our good income sources as well.

Note: Some commission rates vary for each program and country. The rates are subject to change regularly and we will try our best to update them consistently.

1. Amazon Associates Program

Amazon Associates Affiliates Program

This is, undoubtedly, the first and best recommendation. Amazon Associates is HUGE. People use this eCommerce website to buy whatever they need. You can find almost all the books here. Let’s say you are writing a review about “The Alchemist” and at the end, you will usually keep a link for your readers to buy the book, right? After you sign up for Amazon Associates, you can generate an affiliate link for this book and use that instead. Now whenever someone buys the book after reading your review or watching your video, you will get a commission.

💰 How much you can earn? 4.50% to 5% commission for every book sale.

Amazon Influencer Program

Amazon Influencer Program

You can additionally sign up for the Amazon Influencer Program if you have a good reach and followers on social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc. You can create an Amazon Shop page with a personalized URL and promote it. You will get a commission for every sale you make there. Influencers usually keep this link in their bio for more exposure.

2. Prime Reading + FREE Delivery

Amazon Prime Affiliate Bounty Program

Amazon Prime is great for book readers! They also have Prime Video, Music, and even Gaming offers. If you are a Prime user, you get free one-day and two-day delivery. That means you can get all your favorite books quicker without paying extra money for delivery. After signing up on Amazon Associates, under their Bounty Program, you can get an affiliate link for Prime and promote it. You also get access to “Prime Reading” through which you can read unlimited eBooks, comics, and much more. You can get Prime Reading here! 📚

Join Kindle Unlimited Now 📚 & Read Unlimited Books For FREE! (30-Day FREE Trial!)

💰 How much you can earn? $3 (or ₹100 for 🇮🇳) bounty for every eligible customer membership sign-up. It includes even the 30-day Free Trial.

3. Audible Affiliates Bounty Program

Audible Affiliates Bounty Program

Audible is a part of Amazon and is very popular for audiobooks. After signing up on Amazon Associates, under their Bounty Program, you can get an affiliate link for Audible and promote it. They usually have a 30-day free trial or sometimes even more. Here is our Audible review as well. You get access to almost unlimited audiobooks, most of them even narrated by the authors who wrote the original books. You can get Audible here! 🎧

💰 How much you can earn? $5 and $10 (or ₹150 for 🇮🇳) bounty for each qualifying Audible Plus free trial and paid membership. You can even get up to $25 for Audible Premium Plus annual membership signup.

4. Kindle Unlimited Bounty Program

Kindle Unlimited Bounty Affiliate Program

Kindle is another valuable part of Amazon. Thanks to Kindle Unlimited, digital readers are increasing every day. After signing up on Amazon Associates, under their Bounty Program, you can get an affiliate link for Kindle Unlimited and promote it. They usually have a 30-day free trial or sometimes even more. You get access to unlimited eBooks, the ones you can read instantly within a matter of a few seconds and clicks. This will be really helpful if you are traveling and plan to read multiple books. You can get Kindle Unlimited here! 📚

Join Audible Now 🎧 & Listen To Unlimited Audiobooks For FREE! (30-Day Free Trial)

💰 How much you can earn? $3, $5, and $10 for Kindle Unlimited free trial (or 6-month paid membership), 12-month paid membership, and 24-month paid membership.

5. Grammarly Affiliate Program

Grammarly Affiliate Program

This may not be related entirely to books, but Grammarly is preferred by plenty of content writers, including book authors and book reviewers. We use this to proofread our articles before we publish them. You can use this tool to fix grammatical mistakes and also get suggestions to improve your writing. You can check our Grammarly review to check their full features. They have a free plan and a premium plan. You can promote both by signing up and earning a commission for both! You can get Grammarly here! 🔎

💰 How much you can earn? $0.20 and $20 for free registration and premium plan purchase.

6. Blinkist Partner Program

Blinkist Affiliate Partner Program

Blinkist is a service that is primarily used for book-summarizing. You can get key insights about popular books within minutes. There are plenty of popular latest titles here; you can read them or listen to them instantly. Sometimes this is really helpful for us before spending a lot of money on books. They also collaborated with podcast creators (Shortcasts). If you are completely new to reading (or just confused) and want to get started somehow, this is a good way. You can get Blinkist here! 📖

💰 How much you can earn? You will get a 20% commission.

7. Affiliate Program

Audiobooks Com Affiliate Program is another preferred service for audiobooks. They have a free trial version where you get 3 free audiobooks and other benefits. They have a lot of popular book titles along with sleep & meditation, audio news and audio magazine curated content.

💰 How much you can earn? $15, $18, and $25 for Basic, Silver (250+ signups per month), and Gold (500+ signups per month) Tiers.

8. Barnes & Noble Affiliate Program

Barnes And Noble Affiliates Program

Barnes & Noble needs no introduction. This is a popular destination for all book lovers. They have a lot of retail outlets as well. On their website, you regularly get plenty of discounts and deals for all the new/old popular titles. You also get access to ebooks and magazines.

💰 How much you can earn? You will get a 2% to 5$ commission.

9. 12min Affiliate Program

12min Affiliate Program

12min is another popular book-summary app. For several days I replaced music apps with 12min during walking. The best thing about this is that they also have a lifetime subscription on StackSocial.

10. Indigo Books Affiliate Program

The Indigo Books Affiliate Program

Indigo Books is one of Canada’s major bookstore chains. You can also buy the books online and pick them up directly in their store. They have plum or plum PLUS membership; you can use that to get bonus points.

💰 How much you can earn? You will get a 5% commission.

11. Affiliate Program

Bookshop Affiliate Program is one of my favorite websites to buy books. The best thing about this is that every purchase supports local bookstores. You can create your own Bookshop and create book lists to promote. You can check here! 📚

💰 How much you can earn? You will get a 10% commission.

12. ThriftBooks Affiliate Program

ThriftBooks Affiliates Program

We all buy books online; sometimes we pay the full price, and sometimes we have offers and discounts. But how about buying used ones, where you can get quality used books but for less money? This is where ThriftBooks come. You can get both new and used books here. They also have an interesting ReadingRewards concept where you can even earn a FREE BOOK Reward. You can check ThriftBooks – ReadingRewards here! 📚

💰 How much you can earn? You will get a 4% commission.

13. Books-A-Million Affiliate Program

Books A Million BAM Affiliate Program

Books-A-Million, aka BAM!, is a famous bookstore chain in the United States. I had no idea about this one until one day when my friend recommended this to order some books abroad. They also have something called “Millionaire’s Club” which will be really helpful if you plan to purchase books regularly here. Their “Bargain Books” section is my favorite overall. You can check Books-A-Million here! 📚

💰 How much you can earn? You will get a 5% commission.

14. Scholastic Store Affiliate Program

Scholastic Store Affiliate Program

The word “Scholastic” is literally my childhood when it comes to books. Seeing that logo on the books makes me nostalgically happy, even today. Back in those days, it was challenging to get books quickly, then, slowly, we had more bookstores, and now it’s online everywhere. Now they have their own store/shop where you can browse and purchase as many books as you want. It’s beneficial for both parents and teachers.

💰 How much you can earn? You will get a 6% commission.

15. Nolo Affiliate Program

Nolo Affiliate Program

Nolo is everything about “Legal” stuff. You can get all the legal help you need here, and they also have a section for law books. They have plenty of books to cover all the topics you need, like intellectual property, bankruptcy, claims, lawsuits, etc. You can also get ebooks (like PDF, EPUB, MOBI, etc.) here.

💰 How much you can earn? You will get a 15% commission.

16. Humble Bundle Affiliate Partner Program

Humble Bundle Affiliate Partner Program

I used Humble Bundle majorly for games, and then I came to know about their “Books” section. Their concept is pretty cool, where you as a customer can decide the price, and a portion of that money will go to the charity and the developers. You can check Humble Bundle here! 📚

💰 How much you can earn? You will get a 5% commission.

17. AbeBooks Affiliate Program

AbeBooks Affiliate Program

AbeBooks is a global eCommerce website for books, not just for new books but also for used, rare, and out-of-print books. People can also sell their books, art, and collectibles here. Most people don’t know that they are actually a subsidiary of Amazon, the online shopping giant for books and other products. Amazon got their own Amazon Associates Program, though.

💰 How much you can earn? You will get a 5% commission.

18. Biblio Book Affiliate Program

Biblio Book Affiliate Program

Biblio is a popular place for people to explore used and rare books. You can also collect signed book editions here. They also have something called the “Bibliophile’s Club” through which you can save a lot of money while buying. I used this website first when I was searching for “first edition” books. You can check Biblio here! 📚

💰 How much you can earn? You will get a 5% commission.

Other Related Affiliate Programs For Books!

Apart from the ones we mentioned above, you can sign up on the below-mentioned websites too. These are some popular ones that are common for all the niches, and you’ll find plenty of “books” related products here too. You can browse the websites and apply for the one you like to promote on your blog or channel.

1. ShareASale Affiliates

ShareASale Affiliates

ShareASale is the platform I regularly used for affiliate marketing when I started my blog. I used to promote so many interesting products here. You can sign up as a merchant, agency, or affiliate to promote the products here. There are plenty of book publishers, applications, and brands available on this website. You can see which suits you and sign-up. You can check ShareASale here! 💰

2. Impact Affiliates

Impact Affiliates

Impact was previously called Impact Radius. It’s another popular affiliate marketing platform with a lot of great brands to promote. You can sign up as a brand or as a publisher here. I had very good contact with them when I promoted web hosting companies regularly.

3. Commission Junction aka CJ Affiliate

Commission Junction CJ Affiliate

Commission Junction, or CJ Affiliate, is one of the oldest and most popular affiliate marketing platforms out there. When I started Blogging, this platform was everyone’s favorite to work on and promote. It is still preferred by many, including great brands out there.

If you have a quality blog or channel and if you plan to monetize your content, then these platforms are recommended. You can sign up and get started. Sometimes they ask (optionally) how you are planning to promote their products. For that, you can list the natural strategies you plan to implement on your blog so that you and your advertisers can mutually benefit. You can also check out the best books to make more money. 💸

We will update this article with more book affiliate and referral programs as we use more in the future. If you have any questions or if you want to share your suggestions, kindly comment below.

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  1. My book blog has readers throughout the world. I have signed up with–I like the idea of supporting independent bookshops–but the trouble is that they only ship to the US and UK, which leaves out a huge chunk of my readers. Apart from Amazon, is there a bookseller I can affiliate with that ships around the world (or at least most of the world)? Thanks!

  2. You could try The Book Depository, free shipping worldwide. However, from an affiliate’s point of view, I had few sales via them – the stock could be better filled, IMO, with lots of clicks wasted because the books weren’t in stock, or only in one (non-tangible) format.

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