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Last updated on October 7, 2023
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  • Have you ever heard about people who get paid to read books? I’m not talking about the kind of reading bookworms do with great or fun books here! I’m talking about getting paid to do what most people do for pleasure. Yes, really. It’s true, reading and having a passion for reading can lead you to find a treasure chest of hidden cash.Β 

    How To Make Money By Reading Books?

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    How cool is that?! I thought this was too good to be true, so I wanted to know more about it. So I did some research and then started doing some reading on this subject, and I found out 5 ways that will help you to make money by reading.Β Β 

    1. Proofreading

    Grammarly Proofreading

    Do you have a passion for reading and a knack for grammar and spelling? If so, proofreading may be a rewarding career choice. As a proofreader, you will make money correcting the written works of authors, writers, content producers, and businesses. Proofreading includes the use of various techniques to examine a document to determine whether there are errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and so on. It is one of the easiest ways you can earn money online, as proofreading is a skill that anyone can learn.

    It is all about improving the quality of writing. When people write, they are usually so concerned with getting their point across that they don’t focus on mistakes or poor grammar use. By reading over someone else’s work, you will be able to find errors in spelling, punctuation, formatting, awkward phrases, and more. There are many ways to approach this career path, but one of the most flexible is freelancing with companies that hire English-proficient proofreaders. We highly recommend the Grammarly tool for proofreading your work or your clients’ work. Sign up and start proofreading! βœ…

    2. Read Books Aloud / Narrate Audiobooks

    VoiceBunny BunnyStudio

    If you think reading books out loud is a stupid idea and you haven’t tried it, then it might change your life. Seriously! I know that the idea of recording books to make money is already a little bit strange, but combining that with voice acting, is even more unusual because not everyone knows about this opportunity. There are a lot of sites where you can get paid just by reading books aloud on their site, which is a dream come true for all the readers out there.

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    VoiceBunny (BunnyStudio) is a voiceover marketplace platform for independent audiobook narrators, audiobook producers, media makers, podcasters, and audio playwrights. On VoiceBunny, freelancers are awarded points for each minute of recorded audio they complete successfully. These points are what freelancers get paid for. Sign up for BunnyStudio now! 🎀 πŸ’° Reading aloud is a fun and interesting job for many people.

    Imagine you become an online celebrity and get access to the most exciting books just because you will read them aloud. You can do it at home or in your office and earn money while doing it. There are plenty of platforms like ACX.com, VoiceBunny.com, Voices.com, etc., to showcase your narrating talent. You can check out Audible (Amazon’s Audiobooks platform) to understand the quality of the audiobooks they publish. You can get the Audible free trial here 🎧 and listen to up to 2 free premium audiobooks just like that.

    3. Apps That Pay For ReadingΒ 

    Have you heard about the rising life of bookworm apps? And that you can make money on them while going crazy with literature to your heart’s content. Reading brings a lot of joy to our lives. But they say reading is a solo activity. Even though it’s a private activity, you will be surprised to find that you can make money if you read on your favorite bookish apps. Bookish apps are not just for reading or literature. With bookish apps, you can spend some time and earn some money easily.

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    There are plenty of other useful book apps as well. Now you must be wondering which apps will pay you to read books. Don’t worry, I got you. Scribd is an entertainment-oriented digital library platform that focuses on providing access to books, audiobooks, sheet music, comic books, graphic novels, manga, newspapers, and more. So, if you love to read, Scribd Careers might be a great way for you to make money online.

    There are also a few other platforms where you can make money by reading, such as Online Book Club; their payouts range between $5 to $60. You can also try apps like Instaread, Fiverr, Booksta, Upwork, etc., where you will get plenty of opportunities to read/write/narrate and get paid for that. If you are into writing regularly, then the Wattpad Stars program and Paid Stories will be helpful too. You can also check out the best books to read + learn to make β€œmore” money. πŸ’²

    4. Book Reviews

    We are all familiar with reading books, but do you think that reading books can help us make money online? Have you ever asked yourself how to make money by doing what you love? If so, book reviewing is the thing to do.

    Earn Money By Writing Book Novel Reviews Online
    We post about new content writing opportunities regularly online, you can follow us on Twitter.

    As an avid book reader, you must read books all the time, and yes, you can write reviews on the books online to earn money! Book reviewing is the practice of summarizing, reviewing, and analyzing all attributes of a book. In addition to a summary, the reviewer may provide a commentary on the text, generally on aspects such as structure, organization, tone, writing style, or topic. A review often contains a short summary of the text contained within the book.

    Book reviewing is a wide area of work, from a simple book report writing to serious literary criticism. Every day, new authors look for the best reviewers and pay them to review their books. This means new books to read and review all the time, which is really the dream for book lovers out there. You can check out our key tips to become an awesome book reviewer and how to write a perfect book review as well.

    5. Book Affiliate Programs

    Amazon Associates Amazons Affiliate Marketing Program

    Book affiliate programs are one of the best ways to make money online. If you are someone who loves reading, writing about the books that they are reading, and clicking aesthetic pictures of them. Book affiliate programs are programs that are being used by publishers to promote their published books; they do so by giving affiliate codes to book bloggers and bookstagrammers and are paid when readers or their followers buy the particular books they have linked to in their Instagram bio or blog.

    An affiliate program is basically a marketing strategy in which publishers pay commissions to an affiliate for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate. You just need to promote the books on your Instagram or on your blog by writing good reviews on them and clicking aesthetic pictures, which will tempt your followers to buy those products, and when they do so, they can use your affiliate code for that. You can also check how to make money with Audible Bounty Program.

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    You will make money on the commission earned for each sale. This will allow you to read as many books as you want and also, at the same time, make money.Β Here is our Affiliate Marketing Guide for Book Bloggers and the Best Book Affiliate/Referral Programs to Make Money. You’ve always wanted to make money while reading books, right? I mean, what better time could be spent than relaxing with a book in your hand? Try out these 5 ways and start making money by doing something you love.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)❓

    Can I make money if I like to read books?

    Yes! You can definitely make a lot of money if you like to read books and novels regularly. In short, your knowledge and passion for books = the amount of money you can make out of this. We started this blog out of that passion and love; this is our full-time work, and making money now.

    How much money can I earn if I like reading books?

    There are plenty of high-paying jobs for book lovers out there that’ll help you make a lot of money if you love reading books and have sufficient knowledge about this. They start from $20+ minimum for small tasks and go up to $2000+.

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