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Last updated on May 28, 2023
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  • Experts advise you to make a career out of things you love – and if you are reading this, I guess you love books and you want to make money through this as well. If yes, let me tell you about the best high paying career jobs for book lovers like you. Just a few disclaimers before you start believing blindly in these options:

    1. It takes passion combined with the skills to actually make a living out of the things you love to do. Do not expect to make money just because you enjoy reading – but rather because reading enables you to offer a service no one else or very few can. These jobs for book lovers will help you figure out your interest.

    2. Get ready to get out of your comfort zone. Some of these job ideas or career choices are going to be very cool – but mind you – they will be hard for anyone who is starting for the first time. Remember riding a cycle for the first time? It was so hard! But eventually, it gets easier.

    3. Lastly, this is not an exhaustive list – many careers are being built these days thanks to the online communities for book lovers that exist and expand every day.

    Best High-Paying Jobs For Book Lovers / Readers

    Best Career Choices Options For Book Lovers Readers

    With that in mind, let’s explore the career choices we have today for bookworms like you! These are the best online jobs for book lovers and readers. You can also work from home for these jobs.

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    1. Writing Coach

    There are many people who wish to get started with writing their book – but as often happens – life comes their way. Due to several obstacles, their dream of seeing their name on a published work never comes true. Or maybe someone wants to do a better job at writing their book – but they do not know exactly how to do that! It’s in these situations that a Writing Coach comes in – to mentor them on the right path, help them organize their writing process, work on research, and project outlines, review the body of work on a regular basis, etc. to make sure the book produced is a good one. They help new writers gain clarity, and master tone, voice, characterization, narrative style, etc. Check out Ann Kroeker or Shannon Anderson, who has made a career as Writing Coaches and helps people write and publish their books.

    What you can Expect: $200 to $700+ per month.

    2. BookTube / Bookstagram

    If I was writing this article 3 years ago, I would not include this as an option. However, today, content creation is a real career, like many others. If you can build a community of readers on YouTube or Instagram- Authors and Publishers to feature their books in front of your audience. Sometimes, you are also paid just to make the videos or create good pictures, so even if you don’t have an audience, it is – Okay!

    Helly BookTube Bookstagram

    While revenue can be inconsistent, comprising of Affiliate Income, Book Reviews, and Sponsorships among a few other streams – making money doing what I love – reading books was one of my biggest dreams come true for me. I am very proud to announce that I can sustain myself just from my YouTube Channel now – but the harsh reality is that very few BookTubers and Bookstagrammers can make a good income with this option.

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    But if you want to stand out – start with growing a community with your love for reading, and when you have something concrete, you can consider charging for your services. Another thing that helped me was being multi-dimensional with my YouTube Channel instead of monotonous with Book Reviews only. The key was to see which videos my audience loved the most.

    What you can Expect: $50 to $500+ per month.

    3. Ghostwriter

    Ghostwriting is when you write something but aren’t credited for that work. Mostly, authors hire ghostwriters to write their books or flesh out the topics they want to cover. This is a very grey area, and a part of me does not even want to acknowledge that it exists – let alone encourage you. My friend Khalil, who has done ghostwriting in the past, says, β€œIt is really painful when the book is published under someone else’s name. You know it is your own work – but you can not tell anyone.” However, ghostwriting pays very well. Most people who do this are in it for the money which is, pretty good even for freshers.

    What you can Expect: $500 to $1000+ per month.

    4. Online Merch and Subscription Boxes

    Instagram is brimming with pages with products and services for Bibliophiles. If you are creative or business-minded – this can be the perfect option for you. If you love reading books, you know that readers are always ready to buy Fandom Merch, New Books, and Collectibles. If you want to serve this market- you can make book-themed merch like Bookmarks, Candles, and Notebooks to start with. Some people you can take inspiration from are Afia from Whispering Flames and Mansi from Hastnirmit. Some people also make a monthly subscription box, which may require a higher upfront investment, but if you provide quality products to the market, you will be able to grow rapidly.

    What you can Expect: $200 to $700+ per month.

    5. Content Writer & Copywriter

    If you can help people write content for their websites, blogs, social media posts, etc., you can become a Content Writer. And if you can combine sales and psychology to write content that compels readers to take actions like signing up for something or buying your client’s products or services, you can be a Copywriter. While these two careers are moderately different – many people do both together, and it is a great idea to choose either or both to figure out your strengths and weaknesses. Usually, Copywriting can pay higher than Content Writing since it requires more skills to write persuasive copy, and you are responsible for bringing concrete results like sales in this career.

    What you can Expect: $500 to $800+ per month.

    6. Book Cover Designer

    Book Cover Designer Job

    The Book Cover is one of the most crucial components of a book- with bestselling authors investing even Lacs of Rupees into a single book cover. After all – many readers – despite the warning, β€œDo not judge a book by its cover” – do judge a book by its cover! Thus – it directly correlates to marketing and ultimately plays a pivotal role in sales. According to Sachin Shrestha – a Designer: β€œAnyone with good command of any software like Photoshop, Illustrator with the vision of concept required by the client can design the book’s cover.”

    While book cover designing falls under graphic designing – it is a much more competitive market. One has to be wary of the kind of people they work with as well – especially when the designs are commissioned by authors who are often on tight budgets. However, if you are a designer for a publication house – the pay can be much more lucrative.

    What you can Expect: $500 to $200+ per project.

    7. Editor

    If you love books, you know this – most of the books being published these days are unpolished and need proper work on editing. If you are often called a Grammar Nazi – this might be a perfect fit for you. An editor’s strength is their grammar and language skills – and as Ila Garg, a reputed editor, says, β€œan eye for detail.” As an editor – your role is not only reading and editing the raw text- you also need to verify the facts stated or events narrated in the book if they are from real life.

    Author Editor Ghostwriter Content Writer Copywriter Jobs

    Editing varies heavily from genre to genre – and it is recommended that when you are picking up a manuscript, you actually be interested in reading it. Otherwise – it becomes a tedious task. Editors work both in Publishing Houses and on a Freelance Basis- and income is also heavily variable depending on workload. We highly recommend the Grammarly tool for proofreading your work or your clients’ work. Sign up and start proofreading! βœ…

    What you can Expect: $500 to $1000+ per month.

    8. Author

    This one is a tricky career option if you love books – since the number of books being published is increasing exponentially. The fact that self-publishing has become so easy with Kindle Publishing and other Self-Publishing houses is a blessing and a curse. Thankfully- anyone who wants to tell a story or share some value can do it at a minimal cost without having to wait for months for publishing houses to give approval to them. Sadly – many terrible books have been published – giving the term β€˜self-published’ a negative attitude from readers.

    However, if you have a fan base or a community of people already who might be interested in your creation – you can benefit immensely. One of the most important skills you should have as an author is how to market a book. You can also hire someone to do this. The only sad thing here is that with every passing day – writing books to make money is becoming more of a strategic plan than a creative endeavor.

    What you can Expect: $20 to $500+ per month in royalties.

    The career choices for book lovers are massive – but choosing the right one for yourself is quite difficult. My advice for you would be to do further research on the options that you find the most interesting and then decide if they will be a good fit for you.

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    Last updated on May 28, 2023

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