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Last updated on June 2, 2023
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  • If you are an author, content writer, or book reviewer, I am sure you are concerned about your grammar. Proper grammar is necessary if you want to establish a firm ground for your writing. Poor grammar not only deters the reader from the subject matter of your write-up but also makes them question the value of your writing. Grammarly is an incredible tool for those looking for a filter to enhance the beauty of their articles. So if you are also looking for a tool that would bring finesse to your writing, then you have landed at the right place.

    Grammarly Review Plagiarism Checker Free Vs Premium Paid

    Grammarly has both a free and a paid premium version. The free version provides you with some basic writing suggestions that include spelling, punctuation, conciseness, etc. It is ideal for informal writing or hobby writing. However, if you need to turn up an assignment for college or a book review for your blog, the paid premium version will be the best. In this article, we will talk about all the features of the premium version of Grammarly. Let’s begin! 

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    Grammarly Review – Why It’s A MUST For Writers!

    1. Consistency in Punctuation: As mentioned earlier, you get feedback on punctuation with your free subscription to Grammarly, but with the premium membership, you will also get suggestions regarding the consistency in punctuation. Punctuation can make or break your impression. Hence this feature will serve you well. If you use inconsistent punctuation, such as inconsistency between curly and straight quotation marks, then Grammarly will suggest changes and show you the places where you have messed up. With one click, you can correct this and bring uniformity to your article. Cool, right? It saves so much time, and you don’t have to keep revising the document for corrections. 

    Inconsistent Punctuation Grammarly

    2. Fluency, Readability, and Clarity: If your writing is fluent and fluid, chances are the reader will be hooked till the very end of your article. Suppose you are writing a long-form marketing blog post for a client. You wouldn’t want to lose the reader’s attention before they reach the selling point of your blog, right? With Grammarly, you can bring clarity and crispness into your writing that will make your articles pleasantly readable. If your sentences are vague or have too many indirect speech issues, Grammarly will give you plenty of suggestions to make them work. 

    Fluency Readability And Clarity Grammarly

    3. Rephrasing Sentences: This has to be one of the most fantastic features of Grammarly. This feature alone can completely transform your write-up. It happens pretty often that you write a long sentence with a lot of complicated punctuation and obscurity. But the ruling doesn’t end up sounding clean and professional. For such cases, Grammarly will rephrase the same sentence so wonderfully that you will be amazed. It will help you bring smooth transitions in your sentences, making them easy to comprehend. This one feature is enough to make Grammarly worth the investment.  

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    Sentence Rephrasing Grammarly

    4. Redundancy Check: Trust me, your write-ups will become ten times more professional and polished if you can remove the redundant words from your articles. Using too many unnecessary words dulls down the throw and flow of your sentences. Grammarly provides incredible suggestions regarding such redundant terms. It will suggest the exact words that you should remove. Hence, you don’t have to revise the article repeatedly to find such redundant words meticulously. 

    Remove Redundancy Grammarly

    5. Vocabulary: It happens to me that I get stuck with one word, and I keep using it repeatedly in my articles. And I guess it’s a common issue with most writers. Especially if you are writing about a particular topic, you will most likely use a set of words repeatedly. But with Grammarly, you don’t have to worry about that. You will get plenty of feedback on using synonyms for those words. Grammarly will provide you with options so you can choose between those synonyms. This will remove monotony from your write-ups and make them even more interesting to read. Interesting enough? Sign up for Grammarly and start writing now! ✍️

    Vocabulary Grammarly

    6. Adjust Goals: It’s essential to know who is going to read your write-up and why. If your reader is your University professor or your client, it’s highly suggested to keep your writing formal and confident. However, if it’s a fun blog post, you can go for an informal writing style. Hence, choosing the right filter is imperative. Grammarly provides you with the feature to tailor your writing as per your goals. You can select the audience type between General, Knowledgable, and Expert. You can set the formality level. Grammarly also provides the Domain option to choose between Academic, Business, Email, Casual, Creative, or the default General option. I especially love the fact that you can also select the tone for your write-up. You will find multiple choices under the tone section: Neutral, Confident, Joyful, Optimistic, Urgent, Friendly, Analytical, and Respectful. You can also set the intent. So, if you are trying to tell a story, describe something, or convince the reader, choose the right goal to receive relevant suggestions.

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    Set Goals Grammarly

    7. Plagiarism Check: Grammarly’s Plagiarism check is exceptionally efficient and identifies plagiarism effectively. This feature is beneficial if you have hired writers. You can upload the document and run the Plagiarism check to make sure the article is original or copied. Grammarly will show you the exact paragraphs that are similar to the ones from other web pages. You can then interpret whether it’s a matter of plagiarism or just simple congruency between usual sentences. 

    Plagiarism Check Grammarly

    Grammarly is undoubtedly a fantastic tool to enhance the quality of your articles. The premium version is a must-have for authors and bloggers. In addition, all our BookWritten articles are run through Grammarly to make sure they are hundred per cent plagiarism-free and are grammatically sound. It’s time to sign up for Grammarly and start writing now! ✍️

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    You can sign up for Grammarly Affiliate and start making money by promoting it. This is a wonderful tool and I’m pretty sure everyone would love to check it out.

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    You can promote both the free and premium plans. Let your audience pick which one they want. Let us know in the comments if you have any queries. Happy writing! ❤️

    Grammarly Review Plagiarism Checker Free vs Premium Paid

    Grammarly is an incredible tool for those looking for a filter to enhance the beauty of their articles.

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    Last updated on June 2, 2023

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