What Books To Read Depending On Your Different Moods? πŸ€”

Last updated on June 2, 2023
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  • A book is so much more than just a couple of pages. It can be a confidant, a companion, lover, and so much more. It can change roles as per the reader’s moods and requirements. The versatility of a book is at par with a human in such cases. For us book lovers, books are a way of taking a halt from our day-to-day lives and going into another world. No matter how hard we try, life happens. The conundrum of our daily lives stops us from pursuing our affairs with books. Office work, daily lives, and everything else surrounding us prevent us from reading books. We get into different moods in our day-to-day lives.Β 

    Best Book Recommendations According To Your Mood!

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    On some days, we feel extraordinarily optimistic, and on some other days, it feels like the world around us is meaningless and hopeless. Often, I have thought that I have discarded books only to be appreciated a month later. A book that seems vague to you today might seem like a game-changer a month later. You know what I mean, don’t you? The only thing that has changed after a month is the mood you are in, and that, my friend, makes all the difference.Β 

    I have personally felt that finding the right book according to my mood has done wonders for me. For example, the weather is a little chilly, and the air has a crispness of winter. Of course, it is not extremely cold yet, but it still makes you want to cuddle up inside a comforter and sip on warm tea now. This ambiance makes me remind of the cozy winters from my days in Dehradun. I would wear my fluffiest sweaters back then, hide in corners of my favorite cafes, and get lost in my book.Β 

    Ohh, my my, what I would trade for living those days again. I have been under the blues lately because I longed for those days. If the situation allowed me to, I would fly down to Dehradun and do it all over again. However, I have a child and a house that needs me to be here. And again, I have found my peace with books. I was not in the mood for reading anything too heavy or adventurous. I do not have the mind frame to apply brains to understand twists, and nor do I want to go on an adventure.

    I was looking for a book that brought that sense of calm and warmth to me. So I am reading some books by Ruskin Bond now. And they are absolutely like chicken soup to my chilled soul. They are magical and take me back to the bylanes of that hill station in the northernmost part of India. I am reliving those days and happily cherishing the memories I had made there in the past. Now that I understand how the right book can change your mood, I want to share the trick with you. Therefore, I am making a list of what kind of books to read depending on your different moods.Β 

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    πŸ‘‰ When You Are Overwhelmed 😩

    Now you are looking for a book that is an easy page-turner. You don’t want to invest a lot of effort into understanding plot twists now. So a book that is light to read and has witty humor and characters is the one for you. Romantic comedies are a good selection for this kind of mood. They are sure to cheer you up and remind you of times when things were better.Β 

    Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

    Gone With The Wind By Margaret Mitchell

    When It comes to the romance genre, I have always preferred timeless classics like Pride & Prejudice. Old classics have so much pain yet so much warmth in them. They make you want to believe that relationships aren’t always mechanical but magical instead. This book is a true representative of life after The American civil war. Margaret’s storytelling makes you feel the characters in her story. You cry and laugh with them. You take a part of their lives and let them stay with you even after the book is over. You can get the book here! πŸ“–

    πŸ‘‰ When You Are Sad πŸ˜”

    You want to read something that is positive and cheers you up. So you are looking for inspirational books or books with a lot of positive stories.Β 

    All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

    All The Light We Cannot See By Anthony Doerr

    It’s a very well-structured and researched historical fiction book. The language used by Doerr is rich and takes the reader to the period the book is set upon. It tells a lot of horror stories from world war 2. I wouldn’t say it’s a happy book, but the storytelling makes you a part of the lives of both the main characters. This attribute makes you highly involved in Doerr’s storytelling and hence improves your mood. You can get the book here! πŸ“–

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    πŸ‘‰ When You Are Happy πŸ˜„

    You are in good spirits and can take on the world now. You would appreciate a book with lots of fun twists and surprises. You can take on surprises now and are willing to take on challenges.Β 

    Landing Gear by Kate Pullinger

    Landing Gear By Kate Pullinger

    It is such a feel-good book; one could read it over and over again. It’s a novel about a middle-aged woman, an illegal immigrant, a teenager, and an orphan. This book is about how worlds collide and collaborate. It’s about the beautiful connections humans make in the most unexpected of ways. I find it hard to tell more about the book without spilling more of the plotline. So please, fellow reader, do yourself a favor and read this gemstone of a book. You can get the book here! πŸ“–

    πŸ‘‰ When You Are Feeling Adventurous 😎

    On some days, we feel like we can conquer the world. Those are beautiful days; you are on an adrenaline rush and feel like taking over the world. On days like these, you want to read about adventures. You want to know how people started on an experience and the hurdles they faced on the way, and how they overcame them.Β 

    Seven Years in Tibet by Heinrich Harrer

    Seven Years In Tibet By Heinrich Harrer

    You might have already watched the movie, but the book is still a must-read. If you still haven’t done either, you are in luck, my dear. This is one hell of a ride, as a book. It’s an adventure novel about the author’s experiences after escaping from an English internment camp in India. He talks about his escape and about how he finally found his way through Tibet. In addition, the book talks about their cultures, their people, and so much more about general life. You can get the book here! πŸ“–

    πŸ‘‰ When You Want To Be Creeped Out 😨

    On some days, you might feel like reading about the unknown. I understand that feeling! I want to be creeped out some nights, and I start a horror book. I am oaky with the shivers I get and want to turn over the page even though I know it will not be good.Β 

    The Turn of the Screw by Henry JamesΒ 

    The Turn Of The Screw By Henry James

    It’s a classic and now has some movie adaptations too. It’s about a governess named Jane, who a mysterious man hires to take care of his children. Anything and everything about the employer is sketchy from the beginning. (My door jolted from the wind just this moment, and I got goosebumps!) Jane never gets to see much of the employer but sees ghosts in the house. It gets scary and wonderful from here on.Β 

    As a reader, you would be awed by how beautifully James has portrayed the characters. There are no abrupt twists; you see it all coming and transforming into a scene. But the tension never eases up for you. Instead, it increases with subsequent pages. You can get the book here! πŸ“–

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    Last updated on June 2, 2023

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