This Nicola Yoon’s Debut Novel Will Blow Your Mind!

Last updated on March 25, 2020
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    I love when I pick a book, and it just absorbs me completely, so much so that I am already down fifty pages and don’t even realize. That’s when I know the book is a total page-turner. And honestly, I rave about such books. I tell every single person I know about the book, no matter whether they are going to read it or not, but I just feel a sense of satisfaction when I share my knowledge of such books. Because the matter of truth is – there are essentially very few books that are page-turners. And this makes me a little sad.  

    Everything, Everything (Review)

    This Nicola Yoon’s Debut Novel Will Blow Your Mind

    Now, don’t get me wrong; I know patience is the key to experiencing anything fantastic. There are so many books that start slow, and eventually, lead up to the greatest books ever. And only after you have finished reading the book that you realize why it was so important to build the entire premise in the beginning. However, not many people stay up until the end. And that’s the reason why I totally rave about books that begin on a super interesting note and grabs the attention of the reader instantly. 

    But not all authors write their books keeping in mind the readers. Some authors write because they want to tell a story and the path they are going to take in order to tell the story will be exclusive to them; frankly speaking we can’t do much about that. But then there are some authors such as Nicola Yoon who write for the readers. They write because they want to turn everyone into readers. And I love such authors. I remember I was going through one of the worst phases of reading slump when I stumbled across this book. I ordered it randomly, not thinking much about it. And the moment I received it, I had this feeling I am going to love this book. Part of the reason was its supremely gorgeous cover. I mean, I don’t judge a book by its cover, but I always appreciate the effort. I try to understand the relevance of the cover with the book and sometimes it really blows my mind, as to how much of an effort and thinking process the authors invest in their books. 

    Anyway, so yeah, I was so intrigued by the book cover that I immediately started reading the book, and I didn’t stop. I kept on reading until my eyes hurt, and I realized that I was about to finish the book. When you are going through a reading slump, you feel like you cannot ever experience the euphoric feeling of getting sucked in a book ever again. So, I was exhilarated.

    "There are so many books that start slow, and eventually, lead up to the greatest books ever." I agree with this!

    You start reading ‘Everything, Everything’ with some expectations and as the book approaches its end, you are just like – WAIT! WHAT IN THE CHRIST’S NAME IS THIS BOOK HEADED TO? 

    Nicola Yoon throws a giant wrecking ball at her readers with the speed of a drunk man’s car to the roadblock. 

    Everything Everything By Nicola Yoon Author Review Rating Book Novel

    So, the protagonist of the book is a seventeen-year-old girl Madeline Whittier, nicknamed Maddy (duh!), who lives with her mother Pauline and her nurse Carla. Now, Maddy suffers from this very rare disease called severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID). And because of this disease, she cannot go out of her house or interact with anyone she wants to. Everything around her has to be sanitized; otherwise, the germs may end up killing her. Even her teacher, who comes to her house, has to be completely sanitized. Hence, Maddy succumbs to her room, and her only refuge is her books. She loves reading, and that’s the only way she can experience the world. 

    Until one day a family moves in next door. Maddy sees them through her window and recognizes some dysfunctional patterns in the family. But soon Olly, the son in the family becomes Maddy’s friend. They start talking online and see each other through the window. Their friendship grows so much that Carla helps Maddy sneak in Olly so they can spend some time together. The story takes a giant twist when Maddy’s mom Pauline gets to know about this entire fiasco. She fires Carla and isolates Maddy completely. And that’s where the story gets C-R-A-Z-Y! 

    Frankly speaking, I was so blown by the climax of the book that I just froze for at least two minutes. No kidding! This book will blow your mind completely. I recommend this book to every single person I come across, especially to those people who are either beginners or can’t bring themselves to read even a paragraph. If you are either of the two, get this book ASAP and thank me later. The comments section is always open. Yay!

    Last updated on March 25, 2020
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