Learn How To Get & Redeem CRED Audible Code! ✅ (Get FREE Audible Audiobooks!)

Last updated on December 26, 2022
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  • Making your credit card payments and getting points for free audiobooks as well? Yes, it’s possible now. Thanks to the CRED app collaboration with Audible, you can redeem free Audible membership now. I’ll share the full details in this article. If you have yet to learn of CRED, it’s a popular service for quickly making your credit card payments. What I like about this app is that you can easily add all your credit cards in one place with a good UI and easily make your payments on time. You can sign up using this link if you haven’t. By default, some mobile bank apps will have a challenging payment option for paying credit cards; it’s a bit hectic these days, to be honest. But, with the CRED app, you can quickly make your bill payments through the UPI system. 

    But how exactly can you get free audiobooks with this? First, you need to use the CRED app. Sign up and configure your account. Then you can add your credit card(s) here. After syncing, it’ll show the pending payment amount and the due date for that. You’ll get CRED coins every time you make your credit card payment on the CRED app. You can then go to their “Rewards” section and use those “Coins” to claim rewards. Audible’s free trial offer will only sometimes be there, but when you start using it regularly, you’ll get similar offers here. 

    CRED App Amazon Audible Audiobooks Promo Code

    P.S. Though the CRED app is a reliable platform for your credit cards, it’s not your direct bank app, so kindly make your credit card bill payments a few days before the “due date” – so that the payment transfer flow is smooth without issues in between. 

    How To Redeem CRED – Audible Code? 

    You can go to this link and enter your CRED code. You can log into your Amazon account when they ask you to. If you don’t have an Amazon account, you can create one for free. You will get charged ₹2 in the 1st month for validating the payment. But that’s all. All these codes come with an expiry date, so ensure you redeem them before that. If you want to know the full features of Audible, then you can check out our full Audible review to learn more. 

    Learn How To Get Redeem Enter CRED Audible Promo Code

    After completing this, you can download the Audible Android/iOS app and listen to your favorite audiobooks. Almost all our favorite/popular paperbacks are available in audiobook formats. You can listen to the audio preview before getting the audiobook. After that, you can simply download the audiobook for offline listening if you are traveling somewhere and want to listen during that time. Just like that, you can access premium audiobooks in your hand. 

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    You can also try Audible’s FREE Trial membership. You can get free audiobooks here and if you are a Prime member as well, then you will also have some additional benefits. Let us know in the comments if you face any issues with redeeming the CRED code. Happy listening to audiobooks!

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    Last updated on December 26, 2022

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