Paulo Coelho – A Traveler in the Shoes of a Storyteller!

Last updated on May 27, 2023
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  • There’s no other question as dreadful as asking a reader who’s their favorite author. Only readers can understand the dilemma of answering this question. But when it comes to Paulo Coelho, people don’t even flinch before calling him their favorite author. He’s like a universal favorite for so many readers out there. Paulo Coelho has managed to grow his own particular audience. His audience understands his stories, thoughts, ideas, and beliefs.

    Paulo Coelho A Traveler In The Shoes Of A Storyteller

    I think it’s quite difficult to find people who put their trust in your ideas and respect your beliefs. Well, the world is literally divided on the basis of beliefs. Hence, beliefs matter, and the fact that others not only accept you with your beliefs but also respect them, is a huge success in its entirety. And in my opinion, this makes Paulo Coelho one of the most successful humans alive. However, in my opinion, Paulo Coelho is more than a storyteller.

    His novels are not just books. I feel Paulo Coelho is a traveler in the shoes of a storyteller. Intrinsically, Paulo Coelho is a traveler, and his books are just the by-product of his travel experiences. Now, I know this may sound bizarre for some of you because technically, we cannot put his books under the classification of travelogues. His books are definitely not travelogues, but if you follow attentively, all his books take you on a journey. The journey may begin abruptly, but it does begin at some point. 

    I have read more than a dozen books by Paulo Coelho, and I have always found myself being taken on an unexpected and unknown journey. In most of his books, his protagonists travel across mountains, oceans, deserts, and so many different kinds of terrains. He explores his characters while taking them on a trip across the world. Paulo Coelho is definitely a believer in the fact that traveling not only allows you to explore the world and the endless possibilities that it brings, but he also believes that when you explore places, you will also end up exploring yourself. You find something about yourself that you had no idea existed. You are revealed to yourself when you are on a journey. 

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    Another very important and interesting aspect of traveling is the people you meet along the way. There are so many characters around the world stifling so much wisdom that might change someone’s life! You never know what they are holding inside their heart. Sometimes, people end up uttering words that have the ability to cure or rather heal someone’s wounds. Human beings are magical creatures, and words are nothing but spells. And this is exactly what I see in the books by Paulo Coelho. He writes about the people his protagonists meet on the way to their destination. And that’s how we get to read some of the most beautiful conversations between characters sharing so much wisdom. 

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    Paulo Coelho Books

    Paulo Coelho is celebrated across the globe because of his philosophical and mystical writing style. Readers around the world find refuge and peace in his books. The Alchemist that happens to be his masterpiece and one of the most widely read books has managed to introduce so many people to the world of books and literature. It’s a book that is recommended by so many. It’s also a book that will nourish your soul with its spiritual essence.

    Personally, ‘The Alchemist’ is the book that introduced me to the idea of traveling around the world. The story made me believe that there is so much magic and wisdom in the world and that human beings are capable of experiencing so much only if they believed and had faith in the universe. The book took me on a journey. And even though I was sitting in my room reading, by the end of the book, it felt like I actually traveled with the protagonist. 

    Paulo Coelho Novels

    I have never had the privilege of traveling internationally, but every time I feel like exploring the world, I pick a Paulo Coelho book and wait for it to take me on an unexpected journey. Through his books, I have explored parts of Europe, especially Spain. While reading his recent book ‘Hippie’ he introduced me to Machu Picchu, which is a 15th century Inca citadel, located in the Eastern Cordillera of southern Peru. With every Paulo Coelho book, I have been able to explore the magnificent forests, majestic deserts, mighty plains, mellow waters, and so much more.

    I have also learned so much about different people, traditions, civilizations, folklores, all by reading his books. Paulo Coelho’s writing style is so lyrical that reading his books becomes entirely effortless. This is the reason why I recommend his books to beginners. It’s easy to read his books because of his simple yet descriptive writing style. Paulo does not complicate anything in his books.

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    He is straightforward when it comes to expressing his beliefs, and he doesn’t shy away from talking about taboo topics as well, which is again so commendable. He makes a very strong impression on the mind of his readers. The lessons from reading his books will stay with you for a long period of time and sometimes even forever. So, the next time you feel like you are stuck in a rut, and need a vacation immediately, go pick a Paulo Coelho book and set yourself on an unknown trip! You can get Paulo Coelho books here! 📚

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    Last updated on May 27, 2023

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