Paulo Coelho’s Mystical Way Of Weaving Magic!

Last updated on February 3, 2023
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  • A lot of people know Paulo Coelho for his internationally best-selling novel, The Alchemist. Although there are thousands of best-sellers around the globe, some of them are a bit more special, and The Alchemist happens to be a very special book.

    Paulo Coelho’s Mystical Way Of Weaving Magic

    Some people believe in magic, others don’t, and some like me hang in between, wanting to taste magic. Rationality is a weird disease; it numbs all your senses, wanting you to stick to reality. But there are times in life when you are sick of mundanity. In those days, you want to experience magic and transport to a world where it’s okay to believe in the supreme powers. Paulo Coelho is a gateway that allows you to step into a world of magic without it sounding too dramatic and unreal. It’s surreal how you can transport yourself to a world full of magical possibilities the moment you open a Paulo Coelho book.

    The best thing about his books is the fact that they are not far away from reality. He incorporates magic into the real world around us. He shows us how magic is evidently present all around us. It’s just that we don’t look in the right places with the right kind of passion. Paulo believes in God and everything magical, and it clearly shows through his novels. The best part is that it’s okay if you don’t personally believe in any supreme godly entity because magic is more human than godly. And this is why so many people fall in love with his magical writing because everything feels so close to reality.

    Paulo Coelho The Alchemist

    To experience the magic, one doesn’t have to move to a sordid underground undertaking in his books. In his books, you will find magic in people and their stories. This is why his books often have a lot of traveling. Because when you travel, you explore deserted paths, you meet people with magical stories, and you experience a life close to magic.

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    Paulo very closely inspects people in his books. His characters are not always full of faith. In fact, self-discovery stays to be the central theme in most of his books. He believes that human beings are magical creatures, and to truly unlock your genius and magic, one has to go through the journey of self-discovery. In Paulo Coelho’s opinion, one of the best ways to unravel your genius and magic is to travel; traveling stays to be a common ground in most of his books. His protagonists often walk through deserts, the dry region of Northern Spain, and cover miles in order to find themselves and unlock their truly higher selves.

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    "One of the best ways to unravel your genius and magic is to travel." Do you agree?

    Another very fascinating aspect of his books has to be the interaction between his protagonist and strangers. The Alchemist, The Zahir, The Pilgrimage, The Valkyries, and many other books include strangers bringing the protagonist on the right path. In fact, strangers happen to sometimes act like God for their protagonists. In the real world, this seems a bit too scary and uncanny, but in Paulo Coelho’s magical world, strangers play a very important role.

    Paulo Coelho bridges the gap between reality and magic by weaving stories that tell us about the infinite possibilities in the world. He makes his readers believe in the power of the universe. So, if life seems a bit morbid and too meh, it’s time for you to pick up a Paulo Coelho novel and dive into a magical fest. You can get Paulo Coelho books here! 📚

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    Last updated on February 3, 2023

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