What Is Amazon Prime Reading? 🤔 Explained! 

Last updated on September 27, 2023
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  • Has it ever happened to you that you were sitting right on top of a treasure and had no clue about it? Well, it has happened to me, and I’m sure it’s also happening to you because otherwise, you wouldn’t be here! I’ll stop talking in riddles and tell you immediately that if you are an Amazon Prime Member and an epic reader, you are about to excavate the Amazon Prime Reading treasure right now. Yes, you heard that right. 

    What Is Amazon Prime Reading?

    What Is Amazon Prime Reading Explained

    The Amazon Prime Membership offers its members several benefits, which include access to Amazon Prime Video (duh!), Prime Music, Free Two-day shipping on eligible items, and Prime Reading. Prime Reading is a subscription program offering access to a vast digital library containing ebooks, magazines, comics, etc. But if you already have an Amazon Prime Membership, you needn’t pay anything extra to enjoy the Prime Reading benefit. Simply put, Prime Reading is 100% Free for Amazon Prime Members.  

    With Prime Reading, Amazon offers a rotating selection of more than a thousand books, including several bestsellers and new releases. You will find books from various genres, making your reading experience wholesome and worth every minute.

    On the Prime Reading Page, you will find various sections like New, Top Reads, Rewind & Unwind with the Classics, Non-fiction, Romance, Mystery & Thriller, and more. You can also click on the “Browse the Catalog” option, where you can tick the “Prime Reading Eligible” checkbox to discover many eBooks freely available for you. 

    You can access Prime Reading by:

    1. Go to the Amazon website

    2. Click on “All” hamburger menu

    3. Under “Digital Content & Devices” > Go to “Kindle E-readers & Books”

    4. Under “Kindle Store” > Go to “Prime Reading”

    That’s all.

    To check out the books you borrowed, click “View My Library” to see the books you borrowed. After reading the book, you can return it by clicking the Return button. You can only borrow up to ten books at a time; however, that’s not an issue because there is no set period within which you must return the book. If you have reached the ten-book threshold and want to read something else, you can quickly return a book and add another one. Remember that Prime Reading offers a rotating library, so new additions will keep coming, and the previous ones may disappear. So, it’s up to you to make the most out of the benefit. 

    You can easily access Prime Reading through the following ways:

    • Amazon Kindle 
    • Amazon Fire Tablets
    • Amazon Fire Phones
    • Kindle Reading Apps (Both Android and iOS)
    • Amazon Website through web browsers on your computer desktop or laptop

    If you are an audiobook lover, then let me tell you that Amazon Prime Reading also offers a collection of Free Audiobooks for Prime Members. Don’t believe me? Check out our blog – Best FREE Amazon “Prime Reading” Audible Audiobooks

    Join Kindle Unlimited Now 📚 & Read Unlimited Books For FREE! (30-Day FREE Trial!)

    On the Prime Reading Page, you will find a section called “Most Popular eBooks with Audible Narration in Prime Reading.” You can explore this category for free audiobooks. There are so many notable titles with high ratings and positive reviews. I recently picked the audiobook “The Bookstore Sisters” by Alice Hoffman, a New York Times Bestseller. I had a blast listening to this audiobook. Since it’s a short story, I finished it quickly and enjoyed every bit of it. 

    Many readers think free books are equivalent to a poor reading experience and wasted time. Frankly, initially, I was under the same impression. But my Prime Reading experience has been nothing but fantastic. With my Prime membership, I have read some of the best classics and non-fiction books for free. So, what are you waiting for? It’s your turn to dig in. 

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    Last updated on September 27, 2023

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