“Wish I Could Tell You” – A Fiction That Feels Real!

Last updated on April 9, 2020
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    It is extremely infrequent that you read a book and can connect to each of the characters, stand on their shoes, and experience everything going around. Finding a fiction that seems so real that you eventually forget that the characters are all fictional is very rare. It becomes tough on your part to accept it as merely a story and not reality. You start living the lives of the characters till the time you reach the end. And even after the pages get over, your mind doesn’t get over it. You think over and over again what those characters have gone through and how it would have really felt to be a part of that story that sounds and seems so genuine. You enter a world of imagination with a lot of drama that you couldn’t have a handle of if that was your own life.

    Wish I Could Tell You (Review)

    Wish I Could Tell You By Durjoy Datta Author Book Novel Review Rating

    “Wish I Could Tell You” is one such marvellous work of Durjoy Datta. It will always remain a remarkable one and one of my favourites. He used his vivid imagination throughout and made me believe in Ananth and Mohini’s love story. I also remember a dialogue of a character from the book that I felt was absolutely true for all the readers out there seeking for a place outside of reality. It says, “Fiction is important. It’s how we repackage the truth and tell it in a way that changes people.” It will be a lie if I say that I did not imagine myself as Mohini throughout the whole time I was reading the book. I was totally drowned into the character and could feel those things happening around me.

    With the first few pages, you will get to see everything about a middle-class family, their struggles, desires, and high hopes. While I had just started reading the novel, I was a bit bewildered about the characters until I had reached half of the book and realized the twist. Every turning point made it more limpid, and I wanted to know more about what would happen next. The curiosity to know what a girl who sees the world with complete hatred and remarks about everyone around her as nothing but the same negative-minded people fooling others of being compassionate individuals who would not miss a chance to get on her nerves if they got any would do next, or the lad who was a real kind-hearted being’s next step would be, increases with each page you turn down. At a point, it got so engrossing that I minimized blinking to an extent. The whole tale started making sense to me, and in no time the story that revolved around Ananth and Mohini had then started revolving around me, not anymore as a reader but as the main character of the fiction, Mohini. Well, I love to read a novel where I can imagine myself as the main character and “Wish I Could Tell You” was exactly that. But as the story kept getting barer, nobody would even in their worst dreams want to experience the sorrows, guilt, helplessness, and terror that Mohini had faced or the heartbreak and situations that Ananth had to go through.

    You might have always heard of the saying that love is all about being devoted to the traits that only you see in someone and not what today’s typical relationships are like. Falling in love with someone you have never talked to in person but you still feel like knowing the person for years, been friends with the same. The eagerness to know more, to rip through their bare heart and know every inch of it, Durjoy Datta talks about that love, that passionate love through Ananth and Mohini’s story that one could read for a whole day long without even getting tired for a moment. How Mohini had started loving a person who was in a coma for several months, how her work had started changing to her only addiction and everything gets only more interesting apart from the only disturbing point, the change of perspective every time you get absorbed to one. But, it was not very insignificant as that was the whole point of building more interest and curiosity inside a reader.

    Wish I Could Tell You A Fiction That Feels Real

    To mention, the book is not only about their love story but also the reality of the world, the harsh world that we are living in and how a start-up aims in savings lives of those in need. I can recall a line from the book that says niceness in people is an illusion and deep inside, everyone is a jerk, and nobody cared. And I felt that. Isn’t it true that we have become so much selfish, so much obsessed with our own selves and our own needs to get fulfilled that we have eventually stopped thinking about others? A penny values more than a life for us these days. Doesn’t it?

    "I love to read a novel where I can imagine myself as the main character." Are you too?

    The novel also has a lot to teach us if not read to just being read. It awakens our perplexed mind and shifts it towards a world less thought or talked about. A world that needs our help every day and we more or less ignore and try to pay minimal attention to them, giving ourselves an excuse to be that much busy that we cannot spare a fraction of minutes on others. Every climax in the story will make the reader appreciate the context more and more. If I talk about the way Durjoy Datta has written the book, it was very simple and easy to understand. Also, he made a mysterious environment that gets uncovered while you keep on reading, that was pretty impressive. The title of the novel very well vindicates the story and how a love that was planted on a bed of hatred turned out to be a half-fulfilled love story yet so beautiful and delicate.

    If you are one of the readers who enjoy travelling in a world of fiction and drama, then this novel is the best of all.

    Last updated on April 9, 2020
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