“Zero Not Out” – A Journey So Simple Yet So Tough!

Last updated on April 16, 2020
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    Almost every day we come across people saying that you live once or you have got just one life to live. But I always fail to ally to that statement as I ponder how we, the Homo sapiens, live so many lives in just one life. Every day is a new beginning, and we must use that chance wisely. Even from our very childhood to adulthood, we tend to live different lives. We try to omit and put an end to the bad phases and start over with happy new dawn, and that is exactly what life is all about. We cannot stick to a place where we do not belong. Moreover, we are not meant to spend the whole of our life in the same manner, right? Changes and hurts are a part of life, and I must say the major factor, how everybody and everything goes on around us. We cannot always expect our life to be a fairy tale, and at the end of the day, we are bound to accept that. No matter what, we cannot put a full stop to our life, but we can rather end a bitter journey to start over a better one.

    Zero Not Out (Review)

    Zero Not Out By Vamshi Krishna Author Book Novel Review Rating

    “Zero Not Out” is a debut fiction novel of Vamshi Krishna that tells us about occurrences that had happened with him but in a more framed manner. This book will take you to the reality of life that how we require to overcome from some bad phases of life to carry on with the new phases that are waiting for us to cherish them. Well, life is not a bed of roses, this is what we have heard since our very childhood, but we do not really perceive that until we grow up. While I was reading the book and reached the midsection, I could effortlessly connect with the main character of the story, Varun. The book depicts the journey of a low, middle-class boy Varun, his struggles, his parents’ efforts to make their son a successful person and how he faced something that a heart would never want to go through. Still, then gradually, he had overcome all those bad experiences and hold the hands of life again.

    The book from the very first page turned out to be very overwhelming. The journey of Varun and how he was one of the brightest students from his school days and how he had opted for IIT Hydrabad was quite fascinating. Varun was the apple of his parents’ eye and had never stayed without them before, but life happens, and he had to leave his father’s house and all the comfort behind for higher studies and to become something that every individual craves for. I appreciate how Varun got used to the new environment in fairly no time. The part that grabbed my attention the most in the book was the entry of Nitya and how they both fell in love. And of course as alluring as it sounds “First love” has the power to change, break, or make a person grow.

    While reading the book, a notion perpetually kept roaming in my senses that a person’s whole life depends on that phase of life that is the most crucial where one experiences almost every new stuff. It is the phase where a person gets to know themselves and the world. Quite fascinating how nobody talks about that tough phase where you battle with your own hormones while keeping in mind your future and everyone around you. Good or bad, happy or sad everything for the rest of your life depends on those few years of teenage. Even the most important decisions of one’s life are to be taken during one’s teenage days when someone least knows about themselves and are just growing. I could understand when Varun was perplexed about whether what he was studying was the same that he wanted to do for the rest of his lives.

    Zero Not Out A Journey So Simple Yet So Tough

    My heart almost stopped when Varun’s first love Nitya was no more and I could not even imagine how extreme pain that situation could cause to someone. First love never leads to a happy ending we all keep on hearing and seeing but also first love never dies, even if physically but never from one person’s heart. I was feeling restless reading how such a brilliant lad had turned himself into a drug addict because of that one sad incident. I was only hoping to read that Varun had recovered from the heartbreak and started living again. And as the writer stated “Every journey has to end for a new beginning” and it was a relief reading how the character had started living his life again and had started a startup for eliminating depression of many more people who lost all hopes to live due to some bitter incidents in their lives.

    "When we grow up, our parents' ages too and hence we need to take good care of them." Click To Tweet

    Vamshi Krishna had undoubtedly done a commendable job and kept the book really simple and easy to understand. Meanwhile, some of the incidents that he narrated, I could make a connection of them to some very famous Bollywood movies. Even a statement from the book coincides with one of a very loved movie’s dialogue that stated, “Just buy a nice watch. Cheap and durable one.” Now if you have watched the film previously, you can definitely figure out which movie it was. The book also focused on the part of our life that when we grow up, our parents’ ages too and hence we need to take good care of them.

    The book talks a lot about the real world, and almost every individual can relate to the same lifestyle. This book will take you to a world that consists of love, passion, drama, inspiration, and a lot more. So do not wait and grab “Zero Not Out” to experience every emotion in one book.

    Last updated on April 16, 2020
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