If You Think You Know Adolf Hitler, Read “Mein Kampf”!

Last updated on April 2, 2020
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    Reading a book that can be grasped with ease may not be as challenging as going through a book that can give you chills down the spine. There are a number of individuals who love to read, or I must say the idea of reading different kinds of books, be it romantic, comedy, thriller, fictional, or an autobiography. But, very few of them are ready to go through a book that can give them a roller-coaster ride while turning down each page. Reading books that will make you discover more and more while you flip the pages and think, judge, or make remarks about the particular character needs real patience.

    Mein Kampf (Review)

    Mein Kampf By Adolf Hitler Review

    Mein Kampf is an autobiographical work of Adolf Hitler, which would make you use your insights and challenge your patience from the very beginning till the end page. At some point, this book would need a bit of historical knowledge to understand the context and appreciate that fully. It is being said that every evil has a story and a story behind that builds someone evil. A heartless individual is not always born that way, and there are always some external factors and circumstances leading them to do such mean works. Mein Kampf may vary from reader to read with not so similar point of views. For some of the readers, this book cannot at all justify his cruel actions and the tortures he had led to the people while for some everything he had faced and seen in his surroundings from his childhood made him the way he was. In the book, the most barbarian dictator in the history of mankind justified his actions with such moulded words that would make you believe on each of them and compel you on thinking if his crimes were really justified.

    The Mein Kampf contains two volumes “A Retrospect” and “The National Socialist Movement” respectively. The first volume “A Retrospect” was written while the author was imprisoned in a Bavarian fortress. It was that time when Germany was led to great humiliation, and French soldiers invaded Germany and occupied almost the whole of Germany. Hitler starts the book on a very good note of him being fortunate enough for being born in Braunau-on-the-Inn. While I just started reading the first page, I created an image of Hitler as a small boy who was seeing so many political riots and discrimination around him and someone at that age would never want to experience such situations.

    Hitler says a lot about what provoked him to choose the specific political path seeing the condition of Germany at that hour of times. Hitler starts writing from his very childhood from the home of his parents and how the political sufferings and issues had made a house in his mind from such a young age. I was moved by the way he presented himself and couldn’t decide if the mighty Hitler I had already known about was the same one I was reading by then. He had written the first part of the book under a lot of emotional stress due to all the historical happenings of that time.

    I had read so many autobiographies, but this one made me think deeply about the character and swim down the lane of his experiences. Hitler was enraged against the Bavarian Government authorities and the French and also the patriotic societies that, according to him unknowingly were mere pawns in the French game.

    If You Think You Know Adolf Hitler Read Mein Kampf

    Hitler openly shows his aversion towards parliamentary democracy, and he speaks about the cons of such a system that has brought nothing but abasement. He was always conscious that when they think about a new territory in Europe, they must also think of Russia and the border States subject to her. Many times while saying about all the political issues Hitler often tends to go back to his childhood where it all started and it was precisely not bogus as the seed was planted right from that period of time.

    Through this book, Hitler has made an image of himself as a very devoted nationalist. He says that he had been arrested with many of his comrades and imprisoned in the fortress of Landsberg on a river named Lech. He was even sentenced to detention in a fortress for five years. He had almost spent around thirteen months into various periods of imprisonment. He had written the first volume staying in prison. The second volume was written when Hitler was released from the prison but was still not published until the French had left. In the second volume, Hitler mentions about how he joined the German Labour Party and attempts to awaken the German nation. The party got popularity under the dynamic leadership of Hitler.

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    This is completely written with the viewpoint of Hitler and how a small boy noticed all the political issues during the World War 1 and even after that how he became a ruthless leader thinking about Germany’s progress and development. Everyone has their own perspective and way of thinking, so did Hitler. He gave reasons for everything he did and everything he thought about. Reading this book can move your perspective towards those times from Hitler just being a merciless leader while making you believe in Hitler’s struggle and why he became that pitiless. The book, however, is written in a very straightforward manner. The writing is completely easy to understand and will convince you to think from Hitler’s perspective. While I was reading this book, I went through the complete dilemma of what to believe and what not to, and I was moving into those times and coming out again remembering what I already know about Hitler’s cruel deeds. This book will lead you to think and understand that every story has different sides, and nothing is without any reason or suffering.

    Now if you have made your mind to read this remarkable work, then have fun riding the roller-coaster of what you already know and what you read.

    Last updated on April 2, 2020
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