Best Audible Original Podcasts You Should Listen! 🎧

Last updated on July 6, 2023
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  • Listening to podcasts on Audible is one of my favorite things to do. I could be cleaning my bookshelf or preparing a lavish breakfast, but there always has to be a podcast to give me company. You see, this is the beauty of audio content. It’s so easy to consume audio content, especially podcasts, because they are conversational, engaging, and fun. 

    Best Audible Original Podcasts!

    Best Audible Original Podcasts To Listen

    Audible Originals are audio content like audiobooks and podcasts exclusively available on Audible, conceptualized for Audible, and produced in the Audible Studios. Therefore, the quality and experience of listening to the podcast is premium. So, if you want to start listening to some Bing-worthy and brilliant podcasts, here are the Best Audible Original Podcasts. You can sign up for Audible Free Trial 🎧 now and get all the Audible Originals (Audiobooks & Podcasts) for free with full unlimited access.

    1. Audicted by The Audible Editors

    Audicted By The Audible Editors

    I am always intrigued about what the Editors are reading and listening to. If you’re also curious like me, you will enjoy Audicted thoroughly. The Audicted Podcast Series has multiple episodes where editors sit together and talk about what they are listening to and how that’s impacting their thought process. The episodes are relaxed and chilled out. You will feel like you are a part of the conversation.

    The editors discuss must-haves for your bookshelves, insider information, and other exciting topics. They also share their playlists, such as their Valentine’s Playlist, which will help you decide what to read in the romance genre. There are episodes where the Editors talk about the best of Spring books, New Authors, Family Saga books, etc. Suppose you are a learner who enjoys impactful discussions.

    In that case, you will love the episodes where the Editors talk about the intersection of history & historical fiction, elements of non-fiction, character studies of iconic literary characters, and more. After adding the Audicted podcast to your library, you will receive all the existing episodes of the series. And you will keep receiving new episodes as and when they are released. You can get the podcast here! 🎧

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    2. Educating Daisy by Daisy May Cooper

    Educating Daisy By Daisy May Cooper

    Are you a reader but you hate classic books? You may find classics boring and overrated. Well, so does Daisy May Cooper. BAFTA TV Award winner Daisy May Cooper is an actor and writer. Her memoir ‘Don’t Laugh, It’ll Only Encourage Her’ is hilarious and endearing. However, Daisy herself doesn’t like to read, primarily classic books. She finds them to be dull. Therefore, her first-ever podcast series Educating Daisy comes into the picture. She invites six celebrities respectively in six episodes.

    Tim Key, Diane Morgan, Jamali Maddix, Nish Kumar, Katie Price, and Alan Carr join Daisy and talk about their favorite classics to convert her into a classics lover. Celebrities discuss historical fiction, murder mysteries, graphic novels, and more. The conversation between Daisy and her guest flows effortlessly, and you won’t even realize when the series ends. You will root for more! And such podcasts are always the best. You can get the podcast here! 🎧

    3. Reinvent Your Life by Mel Robbins

    Reinvent Your Life By Mel Robbins

    Some personalities can change your life with their groundbreaking work. Mel Robbins is one such person. I was introduced to her through her book The 5 Second Rule. It’s one of my favorite self-help books. She is a terrific speaker. Her Tedx Talks and podcasts are nothing less than gold. Reinvent Your Life is an Audible Original podcast that will instantly become a part of your daily routine.

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    The 30-minute episodes are crisp and motivating. Her words will serve you like a pep talk and motivate you to improve yourself. Mel Robbins will take you through the three stages of Reinventing your life. From “beginning your journey” to “navigating challenges” and finally “building trust that you’re achieving the life you deserve.” She will guide you with simple and easy-to-follow steps that you can practice daily. You can get the podcast here! 🎧

    4. The Light Podcast by Michelle Obama

    The Light Podcast By Michelle Obama

    Did I tell you that I can listen to Michelle Obama all day? She is such an impactful speaker and conversationalist. The Light Podcast results from her six-city tour for her second best-selling book, The Light We Carry. Intimate venues with a small audience and brilliant guests make for one of the most candid podcasts ever.

    Michelle Obama and her friends, such as Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah Winfrey, and Tyler Perry, share personal anecdotes about race, love, relationships, gender, etc. You will learn about the obstacles they faced and overcame. If you want to know what tools Michelle Obama uses to live a wholesome life in today’s world, then you must tune into The Light Podcast. You can get the podcast here! 🎧

    5. Bootcamp for Life by Derren Brown

    Bootcamp For Life By Derren Brown

    Derren Brown is a mentalist, illusionist, and author. He has written several best-selling books such as Tricks Of The Mind, A Book Of Secrets, and A Little Happier. In his original audible podcast Bootcamp For Life, he combines ancient philosophy with modern psychology to provide wisdom and actionable steps that can be taken to live a better life.

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    If you are struggling with anxiety, then you must add this podcast to your list, as it will help you with techniques to cope emotionally. All the episodes of Derren Brown’s Bootcamp For Life are bing-worthy. It’s the perfect podcast to listen to during your morning walk. You can get the podcast here! 🎧

    If podcasts are your friend, you must have loved the above recommendations. Let us know which Audible Original Podcasts you are listening to right now. You can also check the difference between Audiobooks and Podcasts here! Happy listening!

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    Last updated on July 6, 2023

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