Is Audible Free With Amazon Prime Student? Explained!

Last updated on February 8, 2023
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  • How we learn new things has changed significantly over the past few years. We have used physical books to read and understand. We also have digital books we can keep inside our laptops and phones to read them anywhere, but the latest trend is that people use audiobooks to study and learn all the essential topics they want to research. Yes, this is happening now. You can grab your favorite audiobook, get your headphones if you wish, and sit in a peaceful corner to start listening. You can keep a notebook to write down the important key points while listening. This is something I personally do as well. There are several benefits to this, including getting the proper pronunciation of the most challenging words.

    Is Audible Free With Prime Student Membership?

    Is Audible Free With Amazon Prime Student Explained

    Are you a college/university student and want to enjoy the Audible audiobook experience? Is there a way to get free audiobooks with Amazon Prime subscription? We’ll discuss those points in this article. If you are unaware of Audible, it’s a service from Amazon and one of the most popular platforms worldwide for quality audiobooks. You can even use our complete Audible review to get an idea if you want. By default, there will also be a free Audible trial for you to check them out before you subscribe to their paid plans. If you have Amazon Prime with you, then under β€œPrime Reading” you can get free ebooks and audiobooks; you can learn the procedure using these two guides here:Β 

    But, Audible service is not included in your Amazon Prime or Amazon Student Prime membership. You can enjoy Prime Reading, Prime Gaming, Prime Music, and even the most popular Prime Video, but not the Audible service. There is no need to disappoint because if you sign up for the Audible trial with your Prime account, then you will get two free credits, that is, two free premium audiobooks to enjoy. Yes, it’s possible. With those two free credits, you can buy any audiobooks available in their library. You can get the most recent ones and the most popular ones without any issues easily. You can also add them to your wishlist and buy them later. Here are the steps:

    1️⃣ Get the Amazon Prime or Prime Student membership here first. You can go ahead with the Prime Student one if you are a student and you have valid proof for that. Or you can use try the standard Amazon Prime itself. You can ignore this step if you already have an active subscription.Β 

    Amazon Prime Membership Subscription Sign Up

    2️⃣ Get the free Audible trial membership here next. You should use the same Amazon β€œPrime” account when you sign up for this. After successful completion, you will have 30 days of access, and you will get 2 credits in your account through which you can purchase 2 high-quality audiobooks from Audible for free. Not just this, but you will have access to the Plus Catalog too, which includes Audible Originals, Podcasts, etc.Β 

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    Sign Up For Audible Accounts Free Trial Subcription

    That’s all. Now you can enjoy listening to your audiobooks anywhere you want with their mobile app. Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions related to this. Happy listening!Β 

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    Last updated on February 8, 2023

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