How To Find When You Finished An Audible Audiobook? ✅

Last updated on March 16, 2023
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  • Audible is a popular platform for listening to audiobooks. We shared our entire experience in our full Audible review article as well. Initially, it was a very complicated experience for me to get used to audiobooks (in general). It took me a lot of time; I had to take several breaks, sometimes months, to get back to it. That’s when I replaced “songs” with “audiobooks” for a while. Whenever I travel by metro or wait for my tea or cold coffee, I sit in a chair and listen to an audiobook. I picked audiobooks that are short and narrated by my favorite narrator. 

    Audible – When Did I Finish A Book?

    How To Find When You Finished An Audible Audiobook Amazon

    Right now, audiobooks are an integral part of my day-to-day life. Mainly thanks to Audible. I also use Storytel for this, but Audible belongs to Amazon, so their database and collection are something personally my favorite. You will get more benefits if you are an Amazon Prime user. If you regularly use Audible, you might have several audiobooks in your library, and you would have completed many of them as well.

    But there is always this question: “I completed like 20 audiobooks, but I would like to know when I completed them?” The answer to this question is not a direct one. Audible doesn’t have an easy way for this, unfortunately. But I’ll share a tip that I use on some of my audiobooks. This could be helpful for properly tracking your upcoming books. When you open an audiobook on the Audible app, there will be this “Bookmark” option at the bottom right.

    When you are about to start an audiobook, you can click the “Bookmark” icon > “Add notes” > You can type “Starting ________ audiobook” > “Save” – That’s all. 

    Similarly, when you complete an audiobook, you can click the same “Bookmark” icon > “Add notes” > You can type “Finished _________ audiobook” > “Save” option. 

    You can also use the option “Mark as Finished” once you complete an audiobook. All the completed audiobooks will be there in the “Finished” section in your “Library.” You can open them, go to the bookmarks and see when you started and completed your audiobooks with the exact date and time. If you plan to start your Audible journey, you can sign up for the free trial. You can use this for months (for free) and learn how this works.

    Audible Audiobooks Bookmarks Notes

    We generally use the “Bookmarks” feature to basically bookmark a part in a book or audiobook to share some thoughts or notes. If I come across a “quote” that I like, I’ll bookmark that portion for future reference. In this case, we are using this feature to track when we start an audiobook and when we complete an audiobook. You can always open this audiobook, click the “three-dot menu” at the top, go to “Bookmarks” and see your notes. You can also use the Goodreads app to keep track of the books you read or listened to. We also have our own BookWritten mobile app, and we plan to update it with more features soon, especially for people who love listening to audiobooks. 

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    Some people use spreadsheets or Notion to keep track of the books they have read or audiobooks they listened to. That is a wonderful way, but you need a lot of practice to make this a regular habit. I know people who also prefer pen and paper to track their reading progress. We’ll update this article if we find any other alternative method. Please let us know in the comments if this tip is helpful or if you know of any different cool ways. Happy listening! 

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    Last updated on March 16, 2023

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