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Last updated on October 7, 2023
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  • If you’re friends with a reader, finding the right gift for them is tricky. You would like to gift them books because they make them truly happy. When they see a new book or touch its cover, their eyes twinkle, and they smile like toddlers. And being a voracious reader myself, I can affirm that there is no other feeling as wholesome as getting books packed in a box.

    Best Gifts For Book Lovers / Readers!

    Man Giving A Surprise Gift To Woman At Home

    But… How would you know which book they want? You’re lucky if you have access to their wishlist, but for those who have yet to decide which book to give their reader friends, this article will be your savior. What’s the next best thing that you can gift to a reader? Well, here are more than a dozen gift ideas that will help you bring that child-like smile to your loved one’s face.

    1. Reading Light

    Gift Reading Light For Books

    We love to read at night. Several distractions during the day keep us away from experiencing a book peacefully. As the night descends, the surrounding gets quieter, and it’s easier to submerge yourself in the tranquility that reading brings. It’s our favorite time to read. However, we don’t like disturbing our loved ones by keeping the lights on. Gifting a reading light to a reader is one of the best gifts. Several options are available online, such as an adjustable clip-on LED Reading light that can be attached to a bed table or a book. This makes reading easy at night as your loved one can cozy up in their bed and read peacefully. You can get the gift here! 🎁


    Gift Bookmarks For Books

    No reader ever said they have enough bookmarks! For a reader, anything and everything can be a bookmark. But nothing defeats the joy of having a beautiful bookmark gifted to them with love. The variety of bookmarks available online is overwhelming. There is something for everyone. You will find vintage bookmarks for the ones who love reading classics. Or you can go for resin bookmarks since they are so aesthetic. There are also metal and brass bookmarks in different shapes and designs. They look very fancy and exude royalty. Also, if your reader friend is a fan of a particular movie or series, you can gift them printed bookmarks such as Harry Potter inspired bookmarks, FRIENDS TV series bookmarks, or GOT theme bookmarks. Printed Bookmarks come in various designs. You will find Mandala Art Bookmarks, Modern Art Pattern Bookmarks, Abstract Pattern Bookmarks, Quotes Bookmarks, etc. Magnetic Bookmarks and Wooden Bookmarks with carvings are also very funky, and any book lover would love to add them to their collection. You can get the gift here! 🎁

    3. Personal Library Kit

    Let me tell you in advance that if you gift your reader friend a personal library kit, they might hug you and cry. So, be prepared with a tissue box. Every reader dreams of building a library of their own. It’s a universal fact! You may not be able to gift them a library, but you can gift them a personal library kit. Especially if your reader friend is a generous one who loves to give away their books to people but ends up losing track of them, this gift is the best thing you can ever give them. There are several varieties of library kits available online. The library kit will contain a bunch of items such as day/date/name stamps, Stamp pads, lending/returning date registers, library cards, pens, etc. The kit comes in a beautiful box, making it ideal for wrapping with gift paper. You can get the gift here! 🎁

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    4. Custom Book Embosser

    Gift Custom Book Embosser

    Seeing your name embossed on your favorite book’s first page is like a dream. A custom book embosser that says, β€œfrom the library of…” is every book lover’s fetish. It’s classy, minimal, and sophisticated. Also, sitting down with your books and embossing them with your name is cathartic. Gifting your loved one a custom book embosser is an experience that they will cherish forever. You can get the gift here! 🎁

    5. Custom Stamps

    Gift Custom Book Stamps

    You can gift your loved one a custom stamp, if not a book embosser. The experience of inking your stamp and the thud of placing it on paper is nothing less than relaxing. Book stamps give the reader complete librarian vibes. There are so many different designs of book stamps available. Book stamps are cheaper than book embossers, and you can gift your dear one multiple stamp designs on the same budget. You can get the gift here! 🎁

    6. Journals & Notebooks

    Gift Journals Notebooks

    Journaling is one of the most relaxing experiences ever. Over the years, the need for journaling has emerged as our awareness of mental health has increased in leaps and bounds. You will see that most readers like to keep journals because reading makes them mindful and open to exploring emotions. There are several kinds of journals, such as Gratitude journals, Affirmation journals, etc. I highly recommend gifting a reading journal to a book lover. Reading journals will help them experience the books they’re reading with more depth and understanding. It will also help them retain what they read. We recommend notebook brands like LEUCHTTURM1917 if you use fountain pens for writing your journals. You can get the gift here! 🎁

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    7. Stationery Items

    Gifting Stationary Items For Book Lovers Readers

    Stationery items are great as gifting options for readers, as most of us love using stationery to make the most out of the books we read. Sticky tabs help the reader mark the pages they find helpful. This helps them identify their favorite pages in the future. Sticky tabs come in different colors, such as neon, pastel, grey shades, brown shades, etc. Post-it notes are also a very significant stationery item for readers. They come in different shapes, designs, prints, and colors. Transparent post-it notes are wildly trending these days. Besides sticky notes, you can also gift them a pack of highlighters. Highlighters are so important. I cannot even sit to read without a highlighter. Especially if your dear one loves to read non-fiction books, then I’m sure they love using highlighters. There are so many kinds of highlighter pens available in the market these days that it’s overwhelming. Pastel highlighters are very much in trend these days as they are soothing and aesthetic. You can get the gift here! 🎁

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    8. Bookshelf

    Gift Bookshelf

    Every reader needs help finding space for their ever-increasing collection of books. Gifting a bookshelf is one of the most helpful presents one can give to a reader. You will find many unique bookshelves online. There are so many designs available for wall-mounted bookshelves. They are handy because wall-mounted shelves don’t take up any floor space. You can also go for book racks. Book lovers love to store their books properly and organized. Book racks are also unique, especially the ones that come in different shapes and patterns. Metal wheel trolley shelves are very much in trend these days. You will find several pictures of them in pastel shades. These trolleys are easy to maneuver as well. On Bookstagram, people call these their TBR book trolleys. Some lamps also come along with shelves for books. That’s another fantastic gifting option for readers who have a thing for home decor. You can get the gift here! 🎁

    9. Audible Membership

    Gift Audible Audiobooks Subscription Membership

    Audiobooks are a savior for those who do not have time to sit and read a physical book. You can listen to an audiobook while commuting, cleaning, cooking, painting, etc. It’s terrific for our busy readers. Gifting your dear one an Audible Membership will help them reach their reading goal even with a long to-do list. Audible has thousands of amazing audiobooks from the world’s favorite authors and narrators, exclusive audiobooks, series, dramas that are only available on Audible, and many exciting podcasts. You can gift Audible here! 🎁

    10. Kindle Unlimited Membership

    Gift Kindle Unlimited Membership SubscriptionGift Kindle Unlimited Membership Subscription

    Another fantastic gifting idea is to give your loved one a Kindle Unlimited Membership. The subscription service is available in 1-month, 6-month, and 12-month plans. You can choose a plan based on your budget, and your dear one will be able to read as many e-books as they want during that subscription period. You can check our Kindle Unlimited review as well. This service is available for all platforms, including Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. You can gift Kindle Unlimited here! 🎁

    11. Local Library Membership

    Gift Local Library Membership Subscription

    If your friend lives near a library, you can get them a membership. Having a membership at a library, looking for a book from the shelves, and finding a nice little corner to sit in silence and read is every reader’s fantasy. It gives us main-character energy. With this membership, you will gift your reader friend an incredible experience. Especially if they find it hard to find a quiet place to read at home, this will be like a boon.

    12. Kindle

    Amazon Kindle EBook Reader Gift

    Gifting a book lover a Kindle has to be the grandest gesture ever. Every reader secretly dreams of getting gifted a Kindle. Well, at least I do! Kindle is everything a voracious reader can ever ask for. You don’t have to worry about space to store books, E-books are cheaper than physical books, you can carry a Kindle easily, and there are many more benefits of using a Kindle. There are multiple models of Kindle available in the market. It depends on your budget which are the features you will be getting. You can gift a Kindle here! 🎁

    15. Noise Cancelling Headphones

    Noise Cancelling Headphones Reading Books Gift

    Nothing irritates a reader more than being disturbed while they are reading. Outside noise, like cars honking on the road, speakers, neighborhood chatter, etc., makes it so difficult to enjoy a book thoroughly. Noise Cancelling Headphones (the ones with ANC – Active Noise Cancellation) are helpful for people near the city’s bustling side. They can put the headphones on during the day and enjoy the tranquility while submerging themselves in the lucid story-telling of a book. Your reader friend will thank you whenever they have a peaceful reading session. You can get the gift here! 🎁

    Last but not least, you can always gift them more books. The act of gifting something to a dear one is a beautiful feeling. It’s not only the material thing that has value, but the time you spend searching for the right gift for them matters the most. Remember to write a small note along with your gift. We, readers, love to read those notes and keep them safe between the pages of our books.

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    Last updated on October 7, 2023

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