Demon Rumm by Sandra Brown – An Ode To The Pilot!

Last updated on June 8, 2020
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    Demon Rumm – the story of a fearless and invincible aerobatics pilot, who’s got it all in life – those charming looks, the celebrity status, a career to die for, a loving, attractive wife (Kirsten Rumm) and a beautiful beach-front home. An aeronautical daredevil, Rumm is known for his high-risk, death-defying air stunts and his even greater, unsatiated hunger. When one morning, the sudden news of his plane crash stuns and rocks the world to the brink of speculating that maybe the crash was deliberate and that maybe Rumm actually committed suicide, Kirsten stands devastated and broken for life.

    Demon Rumm (Review)

    Demon Rumm By Sandra Brown Author Novel Book Rating Review Summary

    Grieving the loss of her late husband, two years later, she decides to write and publish a book to immortalize his life and achievements. In comes, Rylan North – rated the sexiest man alive in Hollywood – starring as Demon Rumm in the film adaptation of her book. Known for his charm, his Casanova ways, and all the scandalous affairs – he is also known to be one of the finest, most accomplished actors in the industry. Nearing the end of the shoot for the movie on Demon Rumm, and in an attempt to let Rylan get to know Demon Rumm’s character better, Kirsten reluctantly agrees to have Rylan stay at her house for three weeks. There is no denying the strong, inexplicable force of attraction Rylan feels towards Kirsten. 

    Women would die to be in Kirsten’s sandals but, the closer Rylan tries to get – the farther away she runs from him. To add to it, Kirsten seems to be holding something back from the world – what is it she’s hiding? And does it have anything to do with the Demon’s life or his death?

    "I think the book also brings out an essential issue that, though, maybe common in couples lives – is never considered normal." Click To Tweet

    New York Times bestselling author Sandra Brown‘s 1987 novel finely weaves Kirsten, Demon, and Rylan’s lives in a memorable read. Filled with all the elements a book needs – this once packs action, classic romance, and chemistry enough to keep you down to finishing it in one sitting. Rylan’s character is to die for – he makes every woman wish for a lover like him while Kirsten is the most loving, doting spouse Demon could’ve hoped for. Demon Rumm personifies the great American male, yet behind that macho man character he portrayed, was a secret that could destroy Kirsten’s peace if revealed. The plot of Brown’s book runs like a starving feline cat let loose to its prey – with tensions high and masterful storytelling – each page leaves you wanting more. While I loved that it was an easy read, I think the book also brings out an essential issue that, though, maybe common in couples lives – is never considered normal, thereby leaving couples to lead a life in denial. I particularly picked this book up because it is a light and engaging read after all the philosophical, life stories, and biographies I had been devouring for some time now. So, here’s hoping I’ve irked your curiosity enough to curl up with this one while we’re all quarantining in our homes’ safe havens. Happy Rummaging through Brown’s ‘Demon Rumm’! 

    Last updated on June 8, 2020
    Amazon Books Sales Offers Discounts

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