Learn How To Get Scribd 2 Months Free Trial Now!

Scribd is a platform that is popularly known for its quality ebooks as well as audiobooks. They also have magazines, podcasts, sheet music, documents, and snapshots. Using the Snapshots feature, you can get key insights from your favorite books. They also have documents like Academic Papers, Court Filings, Business Templates, etc. With a single Scribd subscription, you can access all of these easily. But, using this exclusive link below, you can get a full Scribd subscription for 2 months (60 days) FREE! We will share the steps below: 

How To Get Scribd 2 Months FREE Trial? 

1. Go to this Scribd link on your web browser. 

Scribd Free Trial 2 Months 60 Days EBooks Audiobooks

2. Click the “Read Free For 60 Days” button. That’s all.

You can use your Google or Facebook account to sign up. Or you can simply register your Scribd account with your email address. Now you can enjoy Scribd ebooks and audiobooks for full two months. This is a trial account, and you can cancel your account anytime you want. You can also refer your friends to join Scribd’s free trial and get 2 months of free access. Download the Android or iOS (iPhone/iPad) app and use this service.

Is Scribd an excellent alternative to Audible? I think it’s a debatable topic. I have been using both for months, but Audible is my go-to for audiobooks. Audible is a part of Amazon – the company behind Kindle books and Goodreads service. You can try both of their trials and see which suits you in the long run. You can get an Audible trial for free 🎧 and enjoy unlimited Audible Originals and free credits to get your favorite premium audiobooks.

Do let us know in the comments if you have any queries! Which app do you use for audiobooks or ebooks? Share them below as well!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)❓

Scribd vs. Audible? Which is good for getting audiobooks?

Scribd and Audible have different subscription models, but the latter is a service powered by Amazon, and you will have a vast catalog of audiobooks. You can check our Audible review to learn more about their features.

How many ebooks and audiobooks will I get in this trial?

This exclusive Scribd trial link lets you read and listen to unlimited ebooks and audiobooks for 2 whole months, i.e., 60 days. You can take your time to understand how this service works and enjoy the full benefits.

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