Learn How To Return Books On Amazon & Get A Refund! 📚

Last updated on April 10, 2023
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  • Most of us use Amazon to buy books online; it is one of the best platforms to get books quickly and for good discounts. Not to mention they also own Kindle and Audible. You can easily buy physical books, digital books, and audiobooks on the Amazon website. Some of us prefer offline stores for buying books because it’s pretty easy for us to check the quality of the books (and the smell 😋), and we can directly check out there. You can go to your favorite bookstore and buy it there. 

    How To Return Books On Amazon & Get Refund?

    How To Get Refund For Amazon Books Return

    It’s not the case with online websites, you have to rely on reputed sellers, and you will only know the condition of the books when you receive them. That’s where the “Returns Policy” comes. For some products, you can replace or return them within 7 days. And for some other products, you can only replace them with a new one within 7 days, for example, “books”. For example, if you buy a physical book from Amazon and receive a damaged copy, you can request Amazon to replace this one with a new one. This is what we all usually do. 

    Sometimes, the sellers send us pirated copies instead of the original ones. No matter how often we replace that, we’ll still get the same bad copy. But what exactly is a “Pirated” book version? You can check our detailed guide here. In such situations, we need to understand how Amazon became the undisputed champion for online shopping – their customer service. So far, I have had no issues with them while shopping. Just have minor complaints sometimes, but overall, they are fantastic. 

    Learn How To Return Non Returnable Books Get Refund On Amazon

    Go to your “Customer Chat Support”, select your book(s) and request to chat with an agent regarding your issue. You can let them know about your concern that you wish to return the books and get a refund for them. Share the genuine reason with them, like: 

    • Did you get a pirated version? 
    • Was the Amazon listing wrong or misleading in some way? 
    • Did you buy the wrong edition accidentally? 

    There could be plenty of similar reasons and make sure you share proofs with them if they ask you. Just be honest with them. If you think you can trick Amazon by reading the books within a week and getting a refund for free, then I think you are missing the point. If you repeatedly do this for fun, your account could be blocked, and even the cards you use on Amazon may not work on new accounts. Make sure you follow this only when necessary. 

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    I shared this because Amazon’s wonderful customer support is one of the main reasons I prefer it the most for buying books online. Let me know your thoughts about this or if you have queries regarding the same. 

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    Last updated on April 10, 2023

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