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Last updated on June 19, 2021
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  • “My parents had taught me that confidence is not a permanent state of being, a piece of wisdom I still believe. It’s something you can work to develop and something you have to work to maintain.”

    I simply love these lines from the book. I have always been a fan of Priyanka Chopra. The way she carries herself, with so much grace and confidence – really inspires me. She makes me believe in possibilities. I also admire her for her oratory skills. She is a stunning speaker. When she starts speaking, you can feel every single cell in your body engage with her words. She frames her sentences with beauty, power, and sass. So, when I realized that she is working on her memoir, I got supremely excited. I pre-ordered my copy way before the release date and waited to receive all that goodness. 

    Unfinished: A Memoir (Review)

    Unfinished A Memoir By Priyanka Chopra Jonas Review Rating Summary Author

    Unfinished is a wonderfully crafted piece of recollection of all of Priyanka Chopra’s beautiful memories, failures, achievements, and so much more. And through all those anecdotes and storytelling, she manages to inspire you. She begins the book by taking us back to her childhood. I loved reading about her childhood days so much because I could relate to her. Her relationship with her mother reminded me of my own. Her mother has always been a role model for her, an icon she always wanted to embody. She calls her mother a ‘combination of intellect and allure’. Her mother is the epitome of beauty in her eyes, which is the case for so many of us. I loved the part where she talked about admiring her mother while she would get ready. Her affection towards her parents is evident throughout the book. Her parents and her relatives have been a significant part of her journey, and she keeps thanking them throughout the book, which brings me to the point of gratitude. Priyanka Chopra Jonas came across as an incredibly humble and grateful person through this book. She acknowledges every little thing that anyone has ever done for her. Not only that, she never missed mentioning the beauty and greatness of her colleagues and competitors, which is such a rarity in the entertainment world. 

    Moving on, she takes us through her high school days in the United States of America. She shared her experience with racism and bullying and how that affected her mental health to the point where she decided to come back to India. But coming back and resettling was not as easy. The difference in the education system and the cultural change made it daunting for her to adjust. She then talked about her pageant experience in detail. 

    However, I found it astonishing how less she talked about her time in the Bollywood film industry. Nonetheless, she did cover the major topics such as nepotism in the industry, casting couch, etc. I loved her honesty when she talked about her failures. Be it a failed music career or a failed relationship; she expressed herself gracefully. I especially loved the way she owned her mistakes and her destructive pattern in relationships. She talked about how she fell into a pattern that led her relationships to fail one after the other. Not even for a second did she blame any of her former partners. Instead, she talked about focusing on herself, healing her traumas, and coming out strong. 

    As the story of her life progresses, the book keeps getting wiser and mature. I could feel her grow through the book, which is so wonderful and engaging. The way she has expressed her experience with grief in this book could be a whole other book in itself. Her writing that I initially found a bit elementary, becomes refined during this part of the book. Losing her father was the most challenging thing that she had to go through. We are so used to seeing celebrities from behind the veil of fame and glamor that we forget their humanness. But with this book, Priyanka made us believe that she is just like us. When she falls in love, she faces the fears too. Her love story with Nick Jonas is not just dreamy. It’s also raw and honest. She has talked about her insecurities, fears, and traumas related to relationships. And how Nick Jonas helped her to get over them. I loved their mutual respect towards one another, be it family or career – they embrace everything. Priyanka talked about her wedding ceremonies in detail and all the little meaningful incidents that made all the difference. 

    I was curious to know how she would end her book. Given the book’s name, I was intrigued to find out how she would end an Unfinished book. I was pleasantly surprised to read about her experience working with UNICEF. She shared some incredible stories in the last bit of the book. 

    To put it in a nutshell, I enjoyed reading this memoir. It was relatable, fun, inspiring, and moving. However, being an ardent Priyanka Chopra fan, I have watched and listened to almost all her interviews across all platforms. Therefore, this book was a little repetitive for me. I wanted to know more about how she worked on her speaking skills and developed her confidence. But I do understand that this is a memoir and not exactly a self-help book. So, if you are a Priyanka Chopra Jonas fan like I am, this book surely deserves a read. You can get the book here! 📖

    Unfinished A Memoir by Priyanka Chopra Jonas Review Rating Summary Author

    "My parents had taught me that confidence is not a permanent state of being, a piece of wisdom I still believe. It's something you can work to develop and something you have to work to maintain."


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    Last updated on June 19, 2021

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