6 Best Career Inspiring Books for Curious Children! 💡🎓

When you ask kids about their ambition, you will be flooded with multiple exciting replies. Apart from the regular essential career choices in medicine or engineering, I am sure you might get amusing and out-of-the-box answers too. And if you ask the same question the next day, they might even change their career choice overnight. Such is their curiosity. They can get influenced and inspired by the personalities, books, and television they are exposed to.

Best Career Inspiring Books for Curious Children

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Books, especially, will have a long-lasting impact on children. It is comparatively a safer and healthier option as well. It is quintessential as a parent to be responsible and introduce kids to books that make them aspire. Therefore, I have done the hard part for you and listed some of the best career-inspiring books for your young ones.

1. On the Origin of Species (Picture Book)

On The Origin Of Species – Picture Book By Sabina Radeva

How did humans originate? Did we evolve from chimpanzees?

This was a debatable question a few centuries back. Then, in 1859, Charles Darwin compiled and published the revolutionary book explaining the process of evolution. “On the Origin of Species” laid the groundwork for numerous scientific developments and is still considered a relevant book. Evolution was a highly controversial and dubious topic. The book challenges the concept of intelligent design and divine creation.

But evolution is a fact, and it cannot be debated anymore – thanks to the foundations laid by Charles Darwin. Molecular biologist Sabina Radeva compiles a short version of Darwin’s book, especially for children. This picture book will engage kids with its illustrations and convey how the process of evolution takes place over centuries. In addition, this book will motivate kids to pursue science and biology. You can get the book here! 📖

Reading Age: 8-12 years

Rating: 4.5/5

2. The Mysteries of the Universe: Discover the best-kept secrets of space

The Mysteries Of The Universe Discover The Best Kept Secrets Of Space By Will Gater

How many stars are present in the sky? Why is the moon round?

Most of us would have attempted counting the stars during our younger selves. Somewhere in the passage of time, we would’ve given up on it. Is it meaningless to count the infinite stars that are visible in the night sky? I would confidently say no. Astronomy is the subject of learning about objects in space. It is a sophisticated branch of science that involves complex mathematics, physics, chemistry, and so on.

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Teens and adults might be apprehensive about stepping into the field. But kids are fearless in that sense. “The Mysteries of the Universe: Discover the best-kept secrets of space” will be a fantastic start for kids. The book has fascinating facts about celestial objects like planets, galaxies, and even black holes. In addition, the images of deep space objects in the book will make quite an impact on the budding astronauts. You can get the book here! 📖

Reading Age: 7-10 years

Rating: 4/5

3. What’s the Point of Maths?

Whats The Point Of Maths DKYR By DK

Mathematics is the language of the universe!

There are a zillion things in the universe that our human minds just cannot comprehend. Sometimes, the intricate workings of the universe and its nature cannot be explained in mere words. But, through mathematics, we can quantitatively approach these gargantuan theories and problems. To be honest, it was too late for me to realize the importance and relevance of mathematics. And, that is precisely why I cannot stress enough about introducing mathematics to children.

The teaching methodology at schools can be a mundane process. Most of the kids will learn mathematics without realizing its applications. “What’s the Point of Maths?” is a compelling book that explains the origins of mathematical concepts and how it has changed the world for good. The colorful illustrations help the readers understand effortlessly. The book also contains interesting facts, puzzles, and games to keep the readers engaged.

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Mathematics is a necessity in almost every field of science and engineering, if not all. You can get the book here! 📖

Reading Age: 10-12 years

Rating: 4/5

4. The Physics Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained

The Physics Book Big Ideas Simply Explained By DK And Jim Al Khalili Foreword

“Teachers who make physics boring are criminal!” – Walter Lewin.

Teaching is an art. It is not just a monotonous transfer of knowledge between people. Similar to mathematics, physics also deals with some of the most critical questions we have regarding the nature of our universe. Starting from an atom to ginormous stars and black holes, multiple forces of nature are at work. Thus, understanding physics will result in a better understanding of our universe.

The very foundations of physics were not discovered within a century or two. And exactly for that reason, studying the theories and working on solutions will not be enough. Students pursuing physics and related sciences need to have a passionate approach. And it can be achieved by knowing the history of important discoveries and inventions.

From the Big Bang to the cosmic microwave radiation left behind, Pythagoras to Einstein, The Physics Book attempts to provide every important chapter in a simplified manner. As a result, the book is not an easy read for young children. In fact, it could be difficult even for teens. But parents can easily teach the kids and become one of the inspiring teachers that our society needs. You can get the book here! 📖

Reading Age: 10-14 years

Rating: 4/5

5. Knowledge Encyclopedia Human Body!

Knowledge Encyclopedia Human Body By DK

The human brain is more complex than any other known structure in the universe.

We, as humans, are a successful species and are comfortably at the top of the food chain. We subscribe to the Darwinian theory – “survival of the fittest”. But how did we evolve into the fittest species on Earth? Humans adapted to numerous environmental and social changes within a short span of time. There was one exceptional factor that helped us through our journey.

Our emotional and social attachment resulted in caring for fellow beings. Treating an injured or ill person required a comprehensive understanding of our anatomy and its functions. That’s where the profession of doctors and healthcare workers comes in. And, as far as the human civilization survives, our learning of our own bodies continues.

Studying medicine and related sciences will be intimidating for any student. However, with brilliant images of our organs and other body parts, unbelievable facts, medical milestones, etc., this book will serve as a perfect gateway for children. Understanding human anatomy and its functions early in childhood, their desire to become medical professionals will be rewarding for humanity. You can get the book here! 📖

Reading Age: 10-14 years

Rating: 3.5/5

6. Computer Coding for Kids: A unique step-by-step visual guide, from binary code to building games

Computer Coding For Kids A Unique Step By Step Visual Guide From Binary Code To Building Games DKYR By Carol Vorderman

Coding is the language of the future!

Coding and computer technology are something without which humans can survive. However, that is not a realistic prediction. Our dependence on computers is definitely not going to fade away in the near future. As a matter of fact, every other science and technology mentioned above is already reliant on computers and algorithms.

Be it exploring space through guided rockets or saving a life through medical instruments, computers play a huge role. This coding guidebook for children will enable them to develop simple programs and games. Programming languages like Scratch and Python are explained along with visual examples. Who knows, this book might be the one that inspires your kid to become the next Bill Gates. You can get the book here! 📖

Reading Age: 10-14 years

Rating: 3/5

Conclusion: Books are the best sources of knowledge. Trust me on this. Of course, we all can learn anything virtually from the comforts of our chair – thanks to the internet. But it is no match for a book. For instance, children will develop a passion for a field of science or technology when you gift one of these books. Moreover, it will result in having a strong determination and conviction for working hard towards achieving a goal. I am confident that this, in due time, will be fruitful for them and our society.

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